Exotic Eats

In SLC, enjoying time with my fave bloggie buddies at the Story@Home workshop this weekend.

The gals have been so patient and helpful in my GF dining quest. We've delighted in cuisine from all over, including dinner at the most delightful german deli, Seigfried's Sausage, where we spotted these giant gerkins in the corner tonight!
(Great-googley Gerkins, Batman!!!)

Couldn't resist all the photo-ops.
(Her accent transported me!  Made me want to go watch the Sound of Music... loved it!)
(Kimmie & I, being floored at the case collection of sausages and authentic German meats.)
Jealous? You.should.be. :D


gigi said...

Wishing I was there :(

mCat said...

That's a LOT of meat! : )

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