Mini-Me's Fractured Fairytale English Assignment

This masterpiece is entirely the work of Mini-Me & her two good friends.  They had a phenomenal time plastering it altogether, and trying to keep straight faces - while failing miserably because they were always in heaps of giggles throughout the night.  When they presented it in their class, the audience forgot to clap as they were all laughing to hysterically.  If you don't get it, that's okay.  They do.  And they got an A for it too!  :)  To be 14 or 15 years old again and so easily & thoroughly entertained.  ::wink::

Sit back, kill the music player on the side, and enjoy...


Garden of Egan said...

She is most clever!
You raised a brilliant child.

2browndawgs said...

Double darn. I am here too late because the video is blocked by EMI. :(

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