Finally Opened One of My Christmas Presents...

...And my sanity's being kept intact one GINORMOUS super sticky Post-It note at a time!
No lie.  They're holding me & my cabin fever together.

On them I've drafted poems, jotted down the cure for the common cold - that came to me in one of my many colorful Percocet-enhanced dreams, I've mapped out all sorts of grandiose plans for when I'm back to 100% and once again unleashed on the world.  From them I've even fabricated a make-shift sleep mask perfect for an afternoon nap, as well as Super Willow's new crime-fighting cape.  Plus, wadded-up, they provide Willow & I with hours of fetching entertainment (shhh!  Just don't let PETA know, they may have me arrested cause who-knows-what-in-tarnation the new bionic super sticky adhesive's made of).

They've proven to be the handiest gift ever.

So, my point is, when you truly care to send those you love THE very best,  send that loved one some GIGANTOR-sized sticky notes.  They'll thank you... and you can tell them I said, "You're welcome."

***Oh, and  a new Blackberry Torch 9810 never hurt no one.  Matter of fact a new BB will keep your loved-one right busy learning a new Greek language & navigational skills.  Better than a Rubix Cube!  Just sayin'....


2browndawgs said...

Oh I love that cape! (and the phone :))

mCat said...

Gninormous sticky notes? I am SO totally all over that! I love me some sticky notes, and we all know that bigger is better!

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