Some Photo Low-Down

Details have been a bit sparse over the past month, or so... or longer.

Doesn't mean there hasn't been plenty of life lived.  Believe that!

Due to how exhausted this current flu-bug has got me, however (and the fact I don't want it to become pneumonia), here's some photos of our activities -- sans long, essay-worthy narratives.  Please forgive.

...And yes, inside my CDO (translation OCD) is in fact freaking out.  Yet the germies have overpowered my willpower & controlling disorderness.

Germies - 1, LKP - back to bed.


::germ-free hugs to you all::


jen said...

Feel better, friend, and get your strength together for what's ahead for you. In my prayers, girl, and thanks for the card! It's still on the door!

Cherie said...

Keely Kick that bug in the butt will ya?
I totally get the germies getting your CDO happens to me too.
Looks like your wedding shoot went great and all the other pictures here are so beautiful. That sunset and the one of Miss D playing a Charlies Angel is and especially beautiful shot.
Hope you feel better soon and give yourself a little extra rest - I know you need it!

Connie said...

Ugh! Flu bugs are the worst!
It's ok you just posted pics. A picture is worth a thousand words (or so they say) and these pictures are talkin' loud and clear. Beautiful!
Love your family picture and your Christmas card. Thanks so much. Take care!

2browndawgs said...

Beautiful pictures. Feel better!

S.I.F. said...

Hope you're feeling better friend! I'll be thinking of you next year. Don't forget to let me know how you're feeling!

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