FOR THE RECORD: December 2011... So-Far

December 1st, suddenly this fell silent here on the blog.

But that's just the blog.  Quiet front here = actually "meanwhile back at the Gusty Ridge Ranch," ...everything sped up in quantum leaps!

Let's see, what to review & what NOT to relive...

Well December 1st brought a new doctor into my medical life.  He's a phenomenal doctor.  One worth the 3+ hour wait in the waiting room.  No lie, worth every. single. minute.  (And I should know!  I've seen just about every horrible girly-doctor this God-forsaken medical community has offered in the past 20 years.)  Turns out my endo is back.  It's been back.  We're talking for YEARS, back.  Which a) isn't as shocking as it sounds, considering my pain level, yet b) pisses me off like no other at the old family doc I had 2 years ago when I was suffering dabilitating pain levels & almost constant flows for THREE MONTHS SOLID!  (A fellow female, no less.)  For at the time she told me she wasn't really concerned by any of what was ailing me at the time.  UGH times infinity!  So the same night (no lie, I left his office at almost 9pm) my new doctor of Providence got me right in for an ultrasound to "see" the substantial endometrias... and yes.  Surgery is scheduled for January 13th.  Which IS the first Friday the 13th of 2012!  And yes, I am feeling lucky because that is my most lucky day anyhow & I've got the most phenomenal doctor taking care of me.  Now, would I go back to the last doctor who performed surgery on me 10 years ago?  No.  But I WILL allow Dr. O to take care of this procedure.  Think about it, techniques & advances in 10 years is leaps & bounds & eons of time in world of medicine.  Plus, this new doctor's #1 focus is getting me pain-free!  (The last doctor just happened upon my endo while in there last time... he hadn't even suspected it at first. Crazy, I know.)

So, that's how December began for us here, with a massive medical BANG!

December has also brought the HS basketball season with it, which has kind of overtaken our lives.  But we're quite alright with that, as we have not only Mini-Me playing, but also two nephews on two other teams at the school also playing.  It's nice to be able to watch them all play on the same night in the same location.  Good times & great hoops.  As for Mini-Me, she's thoroughly enjoying playing HS basketball.  Her skills are improving, her knowledge of the game is further increasing (not shabby for being two years new to the game in general), her speed is seriously picking up, and (due to lower turn out this year) she is playing on the JV team.  This is nice because she's able to "play up" and learn so much faster the things that many of her teammates already have down pat thanks to years & years of AAU basketball play.  So, she's quite happy.  Busy and sore, but happy!

Mr LKP quit his heavy-hauling/trucking gig this past week.  It's been a double blessing, as he had never intended for it to be such a long-haul situation from the start, nor had he planned on being gone for such long stints.  We are grateful to have him home.  My nerves have eased SO MUCH in the 1 week he's been home helping carry the Ranch's load.  (And even though I LOVE teaching the 15 year olds for him at church, it's extremely nice not to have 2 lessons to prep each week.)  The other benefit has been that he is now able to help again with the family construction company.  Which considering the scares we had with his father at the end of November, this is a most timely benefit of all.  This way Mr LKP feels like he's not as limited as before when it comes to making sure his dad's alright.

...and there's WAY more to spit out of my head, alas this was just the beginning and I'm still overloaded. So patience is required. Thank you.

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