WORDLESS WEDNESDAY: Remember this Door... + Mr LKP is A-MAZING!!!

...and chalkboards DO rock!  (Especially pantry door chalkboards!  Lol.)

Thanks to karina, ink. for the inspiration.

Thanks to Mr LKP for being patient, and talented, and loving me!

(Now, all I need is to get my spice baskets/racks re-hung on the inside, so my spices can quit living out of a cardboard box.)


Chels said...

OH! Funnest door EVER!

Cherie said...

That looks great!! I absolutely LOVE using chalkboard paint in the house. In fact, I am starting to paint Trent's room today and am using some chalkboard paint for part of it!
It is just soooo much fun!!
I love that it is in your kitchen - You can write so much great stuff on it for your family :-D Or draw Tauna's head or write words of advice - Ha Ha - it's all good!!

2browndawgs said...

What a great idea.

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