Trek 2011: CHECK!

"Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.
Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls.
For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light."

Our Stake, and our sister-Stake (product of the Stake split in February of this year), joined our youth together for the Rescue Through Christ Trek this week.  
  • 4 days
  • approximately 7 miles journey each day 
  • 390 youth 
  • 100 "Ma's & Pa's" and leaders 
  • countless hours spent behind OODLES of sewing machines to produce authentic pioneer clothing items prior to event 
  • old fashioned entertainment of pioneer games & music 
  • ZERO ELECTRONICS (with the exception of the Stake's designated photographer)
It's quite the adventure!  For those unfamiliar with what a "Trek" really is, through re-enactment efforts, this event is an opportunity for our LDS kids to step out of the comforts & conveniences of our time, and to literally walk in the shoes of their religious ancestors who traveled overland from Illinois, Iowa, & Nebraska to the Salt Lake Valley in the mid-1800's.  Each company's journey was riddled with hardships, heartache, and even death.  However, equally present was the joy & happiness of miracles and blessings God granted along the way.  This Trek was a chance for our kids to catch a small glimpse of their perspective, in both the pains & especially the joys.

Our youth today, need this opportunity in order to not only better appreciate their ancestors & their sacrifices on these kids' behalf.... but also, so they can gain an enriched testimony of the divinity of Jesus Christ, and His love.  All true rescues come through the power of the Savior.  This was true for many who embarked first-hand across North American for religious freedom, over 150 years ago.  The same is true for our children today, whether the rescue is physical, emotional, or spiritual.  

Through Christ, all things ARE possible, & our burdens can be made lighter. 

Our ward, Wednesday morning @ 6am.  Out of the 490 people participating in this year's Trek, 50 of them were from our ward.
 Don't they look great?!

Isn't she just the most adorable?!  In helping her research our ancestry and seeking members of our family who migrated with the various LDS pioneer companies, we were able to discover more about our family history than I had before realized.  For instance, I was always under the understanding that my family lines were strictly Danish & English.  Turns out we've got some Dutch, Norwegian, AND Scottish blood in us as well!  Looking at Mini-Me, above, I can't help but think that SO VERY MANY of our female ancestors looked just like she does.  :)  She's done them proud!

In our research, we came up with the following ancestors - whose families before them crossed the Atlantic ocean, in order for, generations later, these individuals to eventually cross the U.S. in harsh conditions, of which they survived only through the strength in their backs and the power of the Lord:
  • Joseph Young, age 53 (brother of Brigham Young), William Snow & Joseph Young Company - 1850
  • Mary Ann Huntley Burnham, age 36 (wife of Joseph Young), Unidentified Company - 1852
  • 'Clara' Clarentine Young, age 2 (daugther of Joseph Young & Mary Ann Huntley Burnham; born at Winter Quarters, Iowa), Unidentified Company - 1852
  •  Jasper Conrad, age 16 (retail clerk in a dry goods store), James S. Brown Company - 1862
  • William Howard Knowles, age 27 (left from Mormon Grove, Kansas- aka modern-day Atchison), John Hindley & Richard Ballantyne Companies - 1855
  • Joseph Croft Knowles, less than 1 year (born en route, along the Little Blue River, Nebraska), Richard Ballantyne Company - 1855
  • William Henry Deuel, age 35, & Eliza Avery Whiting, age 28, (of the infamous Deuel Cabin currently on Temple Square), Charles C. Rich Company - 1847
  • Cacey Potter Bowen, Senior, age 18 (Indian War Veteran), Silas Richards Company 1849
  • Samuel Mulliner, age 41 (Scottsman), Warren Foote Company - 1850
Mini-Me went.  She trekked.  She conquered.  She returned.
...with honor, I might add!  
(She was able to earn her Trail of Faith award as part of this experience.)
She came back scrungy and on Cloud 9!  
...then proceeded to head straight in for a shower.  
Then, after a bit, Mr LKP & I looked at each other and asked, "Where's Mini-Me?"  
We figured she was catching up on 4 days' worth of texting & technology... 
like her mp3 player & headphones....  
She was flat passed-out in her bed!  
Apparently, sleeping on rocks under the stars & trekking 7+ miles each day in the 
scorching desert sun isn't as glamorous as was first expected. 
She still loved it, just is exhausted!

For more coverage from their Trek, here's the local newspaper's photo gallery:

All we know is that we're glad she enjoyed herself, but we're most glad that she's home.
Out of all her travels & adventures this summer, we missed her most of all this week.
So did all the Ranch critters.  :)


Cherie said...

D looks great in her Pioneer outfit!!! I am so glad she got to experience Trek - It is just the most awesome thing ever!!!!!

Garden of Egan said...

She looks darling!
So glad she was able to go. It is an incredible experience.

She is so darling.

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