O-F-F, Lopped it Off!

Remember this mane?

...well, here are the remnants.....

So, today, Mini-Me was liberated from her oppressively flowing mane!

Something about a new school year 
+ a New school 
+ That new school being High School
= Wanting a new self-image

Totally understandable... but.... I just don't know 'bout this!
She looks more grown-up now, doesn't she?  

At least she's happy & bouncy about it!  
...perhaps it was last week's long, sweaty, filthy mop of hair
along the Trek that helped her make up her mind....?

(No matter the "whys," I'm already sweating bullets.  
Add to the cut a brief visit with the eyebrow gal 
+ Mini already having mastered her new make-up routine 
= Mr LKP & I are in for some trouble.  
I think I'll just schedule our counseling sessions now.  ::gulp!::)


Anonymous said...

Just beautiful!

Siera said...

I love her her hair! Both ways I might add. I just read yoru squeegee post. I was going to comment there on both, but I just don't have time. I hear you on the working fulltime front! My guy is deployed atm (One month down, six to go) and I recently started working full time too. Blogging, ha! Clean house? Bahaha. If my son goes to daycare in clean clothes and with a healthy lunch and I don't just look like I rolled out of bed when I roll into work, I conisider myself accomplished! I can't wait to make that laundry soap! I just need to get my hands on said ingredients.

Cherie said...

Love the new doo - It really does make her look older all of a sudden!
She is so beautiful!!!
High School is going to be fun for her!!

ericksonzone said...

I think she looks great, but I can understand your apprehension. I cannot imagine having a high schooler right now. Yikes!

I sent you an invite to our blog. Jason wanted me to go private.

Garden of Egan said...

Ohhhhhh, she is so gorgeous!
Totally grown up. Yup. You better start oiling up the rifle to keep them boyz away!

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