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Do you know what Psoriasis is?
So, I've suffered from Psoriasis since I was a child.  The earliest remembrance I have was when I was 6 years old.  So, yeah, at least 26 years now.  And I've tried just about everything under the sun to get my Psoriasis to improve, let alone go away (from smelly tars to skin-thinning corticosteroid ointments).

The most severely affected area of my body has always been my elbows (sometimes my finger tips, the grooves in my ears, actually INSIDE my ear canal, in my hairline, on my knuckles, the tip of my nose & edge of my nostrils, as well as the inner corners of my eyes).  To the point that whenever I've gone down for a really abrasive dig in volleyball, I sorta celebrate because that means I can just blame volleyball for a little while when people ask about my elbows.  (NGL, it gets a little more than irritating to have to repeat what Psoriasis actually is, why I have it, and that NO it's not contagious via touch.) 

There have been times when the neon red inflammation has lightened a bit, whether due to dietary changes or a new prescribed ointment.  However, the itching, flaking, full damage, and pinkness has NEVER gone away completely.  Ever.  So, imagine my sadness when last week at Jr. Grange Camp I happened to use up the very last drop of my latest Desonide cream... that I have no more refills left on, and I despise going to the doctor's office just to renew (as does my pocket-book).
(This is how they looked when they had "improved.")
To rescue me from that disappointment was a situation that took place yesterday with my SIL, while at our local health food store (searching for citric acid & potassium chloride for some detergent recipes).  I happened to glance up, and there on the shelf was 100% Pure Montana Emu Oil!  This would seem uneventful for anyone other than me, but what should be known is that seeing this cute little amber bottle & dropper triggered a blogging memory from WAAAAY back when.... as in, it was a post from one of my best friends, literally YEARS ago, singing the praises of Emu Oil in their family's medicine cabinet.  Great for minor cuts & abrasions, etc.  So my curiosity was again peaked, as I picked up the bottle my eyes were immediately drawn to the first mini-paragraph:  "A deep penetrating moisturizer that is a natural trans-dermal carrier and anti-inflammatory." 

We're talking anti-redness, anti-itch-ness, anti-Psorisis flare-ness, 
AND anti-want to dig my skin off my elbows until they bleed-ness!!!!
Half of an ounce was $6.96.  I figured that was a minor price tag compared to the hundreds of dollars my RX'd ointments can run.  And shoot if it worked, then it would be a steal...

  • As soon as my SIL & I were in the car, I used 1 drop per elbow.  That's it.  Had no trouble through the night, at. all.
  • This morning I used 2 drops per elbow when I woke up.  It's not even been a full 24 hours since I BOUGHT the oil, let alone used it, and I'm telling ya I have ZERO itch going on & this is the LEAST pink my elbows have EVER been in the past 26 years! 
  • plus, its GLUTEN-FREE!!!

The Miracle-Maxes & Miracle-Maxines over at Montana Emu Ranch do not know I exist, nor do they know of my life-long plight with Psoriasis.  So, I'm not being compensated in any way shape or form.  Bought the stuff with my own money, and have independently decided that Montana Emu Ranch is my new best friend for life!

If you're looking for that extra help, whether with Psoriasis or what have you (I promise this is not snake oil, BTW --- "Pahhh-damuhquasi. NO, Paquamasoddy, No, no, Passamamassy, Uh, Quaddamapoddy, P-p-p-passamadaddy..."), give Montana Emu Ranch's 100% Pure Montana Emu Oil a try.  I've gotta feeling you won't be disappointed.   
(P.S.  I adore that they're tagline is "Laid in Montana!"  Haha.)

For reals, though, Montana Emu Ranch is the real deal.
Tell 'em I sent you... THEN they'll know I exist, HA!


Valerie said...

Awesome! I was going to suggest you check out my sil's goat milk products (also in Montana)...but sounds like the Emu Oil is doing the trick!

2browndawgs said...

That is quite a difference. I think sometimes natural remedies can be the best.

Anonymous said...

Wow - I;m kind of speechless. What a difference!! So glad you found this little secret and glad that it works!


Anonymous said...

I was curious to know if u are able to use this on your eye crease or will it burn. I just recently have been struggling with my eyes developing the psoriasis. Always been my ears and elbow

LKP said...

Anonymous: I experience ZERO burning with it, so I would say you're ok. I have a small patch that shows up every so many years at the inner corner of my left eye. I've had no trouble with using a tiny bit of the emu oil there. :)

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