Can life get more purple than this??
I submit that it CANNOT!  ...or that it SHOULD not, since I'm most positive that it can, in fact, get more purple than this.  I just know, somewhere out there, some one can and will prove this to me.  :)

Just needed to document me losing my mind a little more everyday.

Happened to glance at myself in the mirror only AFTER having existed in this get-up for the majority of my errands and day today.....and THEN realize how much over-matching was going on here.

In town they all must have though I was either a die-hard fan of the Coyotes....or of purple...OR that I was trying too hard!  Lol.  :)  I guess I'll just pretend I'm gearing up for Mini-Me's transition to high school next year (so as to avoid being accused of not being able to let go of my OWN school spirit)....yeah, that's it!


Garden of Egan said...

Can I just say..................You are so STINKIN' CUTE??????

Yes, I can!

Chels said...

Oh my heck. I am SO behind on reading blogs.

Also? You are absolutely adorable.

That is all. :)

Lisa Loo said...

Only you could look so cute in a picture where the camera is held so close to your face!
At least it wasn't a piece of toilet paper hanging out of you pants..........see, I bet you feel better already....

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