So, I Went For a Walk


But... I wish I was back out on my walk along the neighboring swamp pond instead.  Only a tad bit smellier, and less frequented by humans.  Though it does see oodles of traffic from deer, coyotes, and my dogs.  (And at night, you wouldn't believe the amount of frog activity there in the evenings for the past month!)  But not so much in the way of people.  It sorta feels like my own Walden Pond...my own private sanctuary.

Here's what I found:
(Mama Owl on her nest.)
(Papa Owl keeping watch in a nearby tree.)
(These remains are from a young male deer.  Apparently he's been gone probably longer than we've lived here.  Explains all the impromptu chew bones that have arrived in my yard, thanks to the four-legged critters!)


NaDell said...

Cool owls! It must be nice to have a nice quiet place to go once in a while, or every day. =)

Lisa Loo said...

Awesome pics! Those owls are amazing! You are so lucky to have them close by.

Valerie said...

Lovely pictures!
The owl picture is gorgeous!!!

Heidi D said...

No frets little miss! You commented last week so you're entered. :0)

We need to have a game night or some kind of get together. I miss ya.

S.I.F. said...

You found all sorts of cool stuff! That owls nest is amazing!

Lesa said...

Hi, I'm your newest follower..

Anonymous said...

Great pictures. Especially the one of the owl!

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