Can I Just Gush a Little

...about a movie that Mr LKP ACTUALLY stayed awake for from begining to end last night?!

(...AND it wasn't animated either,  hee hee.  That's right folks, the end is nigh at hand!)

So what, pray tell, is this phenomenally riveting movie?

Fly Boys (2006)
Let me just say, I jumped for joy when I counted ONLY ONE swear word and no nudity in the entire 2+ hours!  
For that alone, I give it 12 thumbs up.... and it was seriously fantastic, based on a true story- one worth experiencing.  So that garners the flick another 6 thumbs in my book.  All in all, 18 thumbs up!  
Rent it or buy it ASAP!!!!

And whom should I be thanking for an edge-of-our-seats, entertaining date night-in with my husband?

Netflix, holla!

....In other news, who can be thanked for my house smelling especially nummy?   
(Because of THE most Perfect Pot Roast...ever?  Which not only smells lovely & looks delicious, but it's 100% Gluten-Free as well?)

...the one & only P-DUB of course!

....In closing, while somewhat ON-TOPIC, yet kinda OFF-TOPIC as well....
want a sneak-peek at what else has got my heart all a-flutter...?

Remember how great Mr LKP looks on a tractor?  

Yeah, me too. 

Well I got to enjoy that vision again yesterday.  And for a long time, to boot!  
(Let it be known that even I got to drive the trusty ol' Ford, but that site was nowhere near as attractive as Mr LKP behind the wheel.)
Since I've seen Mr LKP on a tractor before, why is this even a bigger deal than before?

Please meet the Ranch's first-ever garden plot!
We've had large veggie gardens before (matter of fact our friends used to refer to our old garden as the LKP Plantation), however we moved to the Ranch too late in the season to get anything in the ground last year. 
So, this is our maiden voyage in unfamiliar dirt....with unfamiliar growing conditions.  

(More photos to come with progress updates.) 

Wish us luck!


M-Cat said...

Good luck on the veggie garden! We have a spot in the corner of our yard that for 20 years, we have said will be our garden. Then life happened, and planting season was always baseball season.

What excuse do I have now? NONE - now I've lost interest. Maybe watching your will get me motiviated for NEXT planting season

jen said...

great suggestion to watch with my big boys. Thanks. And happy planting. Hope the snow is gone for good.

LKP said...

and perhaps having some dirt and some seeds for your "little" to get her hands in will be all the garden you need for now. even if it's just the dirt in a window planter. whatev's. as long as whatever your gardening is for now works for you! :)

LKP said...

seriously, your big boys will LOVE this movie! especially the solution in the end. personally i enjoyed the explosion that follows the best, myself. but when that part happens, i'm sure your boys will cheer a little. my guy did anyhow! :D no snow worries for us here, but i'm still watching the frost. two of the last three nights the wind machines have been whirring. so i'm somewhat anxious to atleast get my walla walla sweets in the ground, but i think i'll wait one more day. thanks for the good gardening-juju our direction, jen. ::hugs::

Lisa Loo said...

Looks like lots of loverly things are happening in your direction! Yeah! We like that movie too!

Chels said...

I've never seen that movie - we'll have to check it out! And good luck on your garden! We tried planting some flowers - and something tells me we're going to have a very awkward, random flower bed. Haha! (Well not to mention that it snowed the next day too, BOO!)


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