Guess Who Christened My Pot?

Got one of these lovely 6 qt Lodge Enamel Dutch Oven (that I've been drooling over for a couple years now), from my dad & step-mom for Christmas (a HUGE thank-you to them!).  In scrumptious "Spice Red."  (And is it ever!!!) 

I've just relished having it sitting on my stove since then.

So, guess who christened my new pot?

That's right,  
Tonight, Mr LKP broke it in for the first time ever with his own GF version of Pollo con Crema (with Quinoa, it's my fave Sunday meal he makes me just so I know he still loves me....well, my fave ANY-DAY-OF-THE-WEEK meal!)!

I'm giddy....and gotta go, since I'm being summoned to dinner!!!

1 comment:

Chels said...

Mmmmmmm. I love it when husbands cook! I know mine definitely does a heck of a lot more cooking than me. Unless you count toast and cereal. ;)

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