Am I the Only One Already Tired this Year?

Some years it seems that January sorta seems to drag....and nothing much is going on.

That's just not the case this year.  Not at the Ranch.  Not on MY calendar, anyhow.

There's just not enough time.

Got oodles of plans in the works for Relief Society activities at church, friends' weddings chock-full of developing details, family stuff, the critters roll-call has expanded by one more Chessie + we have one little Puguini princess who thinks she now needs to exact dominance on every single 2-4 legged creature that walks to property!  (Uh, hullo---#1 you're a girl!!!... #2 you're like two inches off the ground while the three other dogs are 2 feet off the ground!!!... #3 that's sooooo GROSS!!!---so find a new hobby dang it!) 

We've STILL got to find a way to make our annual sledding/tubing trip before January's over.  Add to all that a community spaghetti feed  I've got to organize to help raise money for Mini-Me's class trip towards the end of the year.  Not to mention, still recouping from this computer debacle.  Amidst all this I still am a mom & wife & I'd like to get back to volleyball AND sleep.

Also, next month is the beginning of our family's sacred month & a half of celebrations:
(Have GOT to start planning!)

2011 is so far anything but boring.  And it's getting more & more scheduled by the minute.
(Not complaining, just exhausted.)

Hope you have a less compacted rest of your week, full to the brim with time for everything!


Garden of Egan said...

I think your plate is full!
And then you have to get ready for ROMMADON????
How ever are you going to manage it?

Sure love ya! Hope you are able to keep up with all the critters too.

S.I.F. said...

I haven't had enough time for anything this week either! Including (most of all) sleep... Yikes! It's time for a chill out! :)

Valerie said...

Rommadon! You are so hilarious!

M-Cat said...

Okay, mu cute friend - just catching up around here -you have had a wild ride what with the holidays, the crappy lappy, and now your Jan is just as busy? Slow down....... who am I kidding? I'm just as crazy busy too so I have no room to talk.

Thanks for all your love, comfort and support - it has meant the world to me! Hopefully I can stay more on top of everyone else's life now - at those that I LOVE stalking...... : )

karen★ said...

i really hope that throughout the rest of this year, that you get a chance to sit down (at your freshly painted white table...plain white ceiling paint picked up at home depot! i used a transparent gloss though that is turning yellow! aaauuuggghhhhh!!! yellow! curse "transparent" gloss!) and BREATHE! you have so much going on & i would hate to see you get burned out in january! be careful with yourself & take your time!


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