I know I JUST posted today, and as it would appear, I'm not doing so hot with my goals...

Again, that's how it would APPEAR, on the surface.

But rest assured, for I am posting this as a companion to today's earlier post.  (So, all's well.)

My sweet friend, Heidi, emailed me tonight after reading today's post and sent with a most AMAZING attachment.  It's the Goals and Priorities Diary from getorganizedwizard.com!

Heidi, totally nailed it when she told me that it was straight-forward and to the point.
Complete understatement!  :)

So are you interested in utilizing this chill resource yourself?  WELL HURRY UP THEN!

The folks are giving this $29 tool of genius away until MIDNIGHT TONIGHT (1/10/2011) as a thank you for joining their Facebook fan-base!  (Trust me, you wanna.  It's 388 amazing pages of pure S.O.S. rescue for the chaotic & cluttered life.  Perfect for those who've set goals of scheduling....or balancing....or control for 2011.)

Goals for the year, monthly, weekly, etc.  Works like a charm from your desktop....or printed out....they even say it can be used from your iPad or iPhone for all you Apple enthusiasts.  ::wink, wink::

Directly from their site, they say:

"How To Get A Free Copy

The Goals & Priorities Diary is available in our store for $29. But we’d like to give you a copy, as a thank-you for joining our Facebook Page.
To get your Goals & Priorities Diary, simply click the ‘Like’ button on our Facebook Page. When you do, you’ll see a new tab with a special code to enter at the checkout, which will make your Diary free. If you already like our Page, you’ll go straight to the tab with the code.
Feel free to tell your friends about this offer – especially if they’d like a more productive and organized 2011, too. Hurry though – this offer is only valid for a strictly limited time!
Like our Page now. Like Get Organized Wizard on Facebook
With the 388-page Goals & Priorities Diary, 2011 will be your most productive, organized year ever!"
So, get over there PRONTO, ladies & gents!!!
And good luck with your own 2011 goals and scheduling.  :)

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