This Weekend, My Heart Was Happy.

It was so nice to share the Nutcracker as a family this year.  First time all three of us (Mr LKP, Mini-Me, and myself) have sat together to watch it.  Usually whenever Mr LKP or I are attending, it's because Mini-Me's been in it!  Lol.  So this time was a first.  (We even kept ourselves entertained during intermission!)
I would've gotten more pictures, but the bright digital screen kinda lights up the darkest recesses of the moon sometimes....and I figured that would annoy our fellow audience members.
(Apparently I left the house thinking my hair looked better than it really did.  Sheesh!  I feel bad for everyone else's eyes having to see that mess.  Sorry peoples.  I'll try harder next time!)

Alas, I went equipped with my phone's goofy little camera instead....and even IT was a bit bright and annoying.  So I only snagged one shot and then I put it away, feeling very self-conscious.

This weekend was capped off with a screening of the most fabulous animated movie ever:

So. good.
If you haven't any plans to see it, make them!
If you've seen it already then you know what I mean.
We laughed throughout the entire movie....and I shed tears galore as well.
It definitely has something for everyone in it.
Worth it.  Every penny.

Our next venture to the theater will most likely be Voyage of the Dawn Treader.  I'm thinking a Christmas Day viewing would be lovely.  Nothing quite completes our Christmases like C.S. Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia!

I can't wait!  :)



gigi said...

What wonderful memories that you have mad and I like your pictures too.

Kim said...

I loved TANGELED and I am anxiously awaiting to go see Narnia. I'm not sure who will join me, but I am waiting for a free spontaneous moment and then I'm going. Wish you lived closer so we could see it together.

Have fun.

S.I.F. said...

Oh I want to see Tangled so bad!! So jealous of all this fun you're having!!

karen★ said...

that sounds absolutely perfect! i loved tangled too! one of the best movies i have ever seen - literally.

& can i tell you how jealous i am about your whole family at the nutcracker? i'm not sure i'll ever be able to drag all my boys there when they all reach the age when they can sit for longer than 3.5 seconds. however, I WILL TRY AND DANG-IT THEY WILL ALL LOVE IT!

cute family pictures...again! someday, i want to grow up and be photogenic just like you! (please teach me!)

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