Pay No Mind to the Flying Red & White Peppermint Dust...

...this elf is up to her eyeballs in projects, plans, 8th grade parent meetings, 8th grade celebration plans, Sculpey clay, manning concession stands at the middle school basketball games, missing chickens (YES, again....Hula was overdoing her job as resident mama-dog by getting into the chicken coop for bathtime....scared two out.  Mr LKP found the 3rd under her paw, soaking wet in a slobber bath.  We found one of the two missing, but it got too rainy as well as dark and late to continue searching for the last missing one.  We'll resume the search tomorrow.), wrapping up the rest of this consuming project, planning the last of needed Christmas gifts, plotting bank heists in order to finance said remaining Christmas shopping, receiving our Christmas postcards only to immediately demand a reset & reprint of those 100 postcards due to all of the originals looking like Mr LKP either had a huge egg-shaped growth coming out of his forehead or that he was trying to be Will.I.Am's fair-skinned twin, supporting Mr LKP as he prepares his talk for Sacrament Meeting on Sunday, and in there somewhere finding time to sleep....oh, and take a bath.

So, pardon me for not getting that project post up again this week....and please continue to be patient as next week's looking wicked-busy too.

Ice that busy cake with the fact we'll be attending the ballet this weekend, for our family's favorite magical Christmas production of The Nutcracker 
(Marzipan photo courtesy of Mid-Columbia Ballet)
35 years of the Mid-Columbia Ballet's production, can you believe it?!  Incredible.  This production has a special place in our heart, not only because it's a phenomenal production you would expect to be in New York, but because Mini-Me used to dance with the Academy which MCB pulls many of its dancers from....plus, her first Nutcracker performance and my first greenroom coordination was with them as well...we did two more productions with two other companies in Idaho, and we were left wanting for MCB's organization, Debra Rogo's genius and attention to detail!!!  (PLUS....you should know that I get chills each time the Christmas tree grows....and I cry EVERY time I watch their snow scene.....and when the snow beings to fall, it takes my breath away.....oh my, I can't wait!)
(Snow Scene courtesy of Mid-Columbia Ballet)
So, I'll be enjoying some sugarplum dreams tonight in prep for some serious Nutcracker tomorrow night!


Like my pal, Crash (on her CTDD blog and her Magic Quilt blog), said best:

"I don't have much and you don't have much, 
but what if 1,000 people, who don't have much, 
send Matthew $1?  
He'd have MUCH!


Who's Matthew Blanchard, you ask?  Matthew's a sweet 12 year old guy in Las Vegas who's got a very sick immune system that's attacking his heart....he's so sick he can't participate in sports & a normal everyday 12-year-old boy's life!

So, I'm sending my dollar first thing tomorrow.  Won't you join me?

Matthew Blanchard
8444 Brody Marsh Ave.
Las Vegas, NV 89143

"God bless us, everyone!"  
~Tiny Tim (from "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens)


NaDell said...

Enjoy the Nutcracker. I'm excited for it too. Andy is a party dad and Elizabeth is one of the tallest angels. =)They really do a great job putting it all together. It's amazing how many people are involved.
I'm liking your to-do list, but only because I can't start mine until next week...after nutcracker.

SuzanSayz said...

I hope you enjoy seeing Lindsay Loo. She's a Palace Fairy in scene 2. She'll be right up front in the formation.

Heidi D said...

Oops, that was supposed to be from me! Someone was using my laptop!

Lisa said...

So here I am at home, with Elisabeth, while Donald and Lorelai are attending opening night (as I type). I am a nervous wreck hoping that all goes well and that Alexandra has a wonderful time!

I get to work green room for the weekend matinees and I'll be watching tomorrow night. I can't wait!

Hope you enjoy the show!

Heather said...

I will join you and send Mathew a dollar and I will put it on my blogs soon too!

You have been one busy women!!

Lucky that you get to go to the Nutcracker! I would love to see it! I love dance!

Lisa said...

Yay! Thanks for the comment, I'm glad Alexandra did well - she came home just beaming!

Now we're gearing up for two shows today :)

I'm excited about working in the green room. I was there working for a few of the rehearsals and it totally reminded me of a big slumber party!

Heidi D said...

Oh Keely, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways! You are the sweetest and loveliest friend. Thank you so much for the beautiful flowers. They made me cry, and I don't cry often. ;)

I wrote a post about it to try to show some of my gratitude.

S.I.F. said...

That is a lot you've got going on there friend!!

I so love The Nutcracker though!

Garden of Egan said...

I can hardly wait to get the report on your adventures. I can't believe how busy you are!
I need to watch the Nutcracker again. It's been years.

I did donate to Matt. My prayers are with the family.
Loved getting your text last night. It made me giggle.

I had to work a night shift in the ER and YOUR text made my night.

LKP said...

@ heidi---YOU have ME in tears, lady!!! thank you for the post. you didn't have to. but i am so glad to see her smiling face with those flowers. mr LKP did a good pick, they're the best colors...like a bundle of sunset! :)

@SIF---yeah, it's been busy, but totally worth it!

@heather---i love you for participating & donating to matthew! thank you from the heart of my bottom....er, bottom of my heart! ;)

@nadell---yeah, TOTALLY spotted andy the moment he walked on stage. :) he did good. i understand this is not his first year as a party dad. now that was his sister with him, torrie, right? spotted elizabeth right off the bat too! talented family. ;)

@lisa---alexandra was adorable! and you're not kidding about the gi-huge-o slumber party, lol! that's perhaps what i did like about it. though every now and then i cherished the few opportunities (only a few) to run and check in with debra or wardrobe or transition. little bits of peace & quiet, just enough to recharge for more partyville. :)

@egan---yes you DO need to get yourself to a nutcracker performance, STAT! :) lol, glad the text made your night. yours did the same for me! i couldn't stop laughing. mr LKP rolled his eyes at the two of us but chuckled as well. you bring such brightness to my life lady, and i'm grateful!

Stacey said...

I hope you had a great time at the Nutcracker. What a fun family tradition. And aside from all the 8th grade stuff, your December sounds very much like mine. I hope we all survive!

M-Cat said...

You are one busy little elf! I'm tired just seeing everything you need to do! Enjoy the Nutcracker!

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