For the Record: My Favorite Things

What a broad & generic title of sorts.  I know.  My apologies.

Figured I'd document some of my favorite things about the Christmas season in our family...for posterity of course.  

Posterity = Mini-Me 
(...in case she wants help remembering a million years down the road.) 

So, buckle your seat belts for a brief little spin around our Christmas block... 
(Kinda-sorta feel like watching Toy Story 2...."I'm tour-guide Barbie!"...lol, just sayin'.)

Today, some of my favorite things about Christmas are my small collection of Nativities!
This one fits us so well.  Very country, very us.  :)
This is the very first Nativity I ever purchased, the Christmas in my first apartment.
This one I made for the first Christmas Mr LKP & I were married.  I think it's my MOST favorite one!
Not that the collection is all that large (which is fine, due to our micro-digs), but it is what I look forward to the most when it comes time to dig out the oodles of totes and deck the halls from top to bottom!

Perhaps, each of them helps me to feel 
that much closer to the Savior.   
(All I know is that I love & cherish each little scene.)


Kim said...

I love nativities too. I started looking at the different types and countries many years ago when my sister and I were in New York. We had gone to one of the Saints Cathedrals, since has been destroyed by fire, and came across a treasure of beautiful nativities. I had never taken the time to understand the meaning of that single event. As the years have passed, I now take the time to enjoy the nativities and what they represent.

BTW--I love the picture of the your christmas lights. AWESOME!!!

gigi said...

LOVE your pictures!

Chels said...

That picture is gorgeous, for the record.

Shawn and I still don't have a nativity - I figure we'll accrue one sooner or later.

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