For the Record: My Favorite Things To Hold

Back for Round Two? 

(Didn't scare you away yet?  No??)

Today, some of my favorite things about Christmas are things I can hold in my hand: 
Music boxes & Snow globes!
Not gonna lie, I got hooked on music boxes thanks to my maternal Grandmother & her dressing room FULL of various music boxes!  (Man, that room was pure MAGIC to me... glamorous animal skin rugs... marabou-trimmed slippers galore... clothes & accessories without end.... a HUGE dark vanity with the most luxurious bench-I would've sworn she was royalty of some sort cause it was so grand.... and displayed on that vanity, every possible music box a little girl like me could even DREAM of!)  So the fact that I'm enamored with music boxes is not news.  BUT, I only bring mine out at Christmas time.  I think it helps preserve the "magic" of it all.... it feels less run-of-the-mill, and more special of an occasion when they come out of their boxes.

This Nutcracker plays the drum, and plays a bit of the Nutcracker Suite for me.  Reminds me of our family's fond Nutcracker memories.
No movement with this one obviously.  It belonged to Mr LKP's mother.  With all the rest of her Christmas decorations & belongings the drummer boy went into storage after her death.  (She passed away from Cancer when he & I were in the 1st grade.)  The first Christmas after we married, my SIL went through a lot of her mother's stuff and offered many antique ornaments, decorations, and this drummer boy to me.  The moment I slid him out of his box, I gladly accepted my SIL's offer.... as these small trinkets help him feel closer to his mother, especially at this time of the year when he needs & misses her.  I must admit that I fell head over heels for this little music box even more, because looking at his sweet face, he reminds me of my husband at the tender age when his mother was still here with us.  I can't help but think maybe she thought of her baby boy as well whenever she looked at it, or turned the lever and listened to the shimmering, silvery tones of it's treasured melody.

...And who DOESN'T love a good snow globe?!  
(I don't think it's possible to not love them!) 
Am I the only one who swears it's like hearing the tinkling of chimes or feeling goose bumps skip along your spine while watching the suspended fake snow or glitter gently tumble down inside?
Each year Mr LKP & I have been married, I've tried to continue his mother's tradition of adding the next ornament of Hallmark's Frosty Friends series to his collection.  His first from the series came in 1983 (three years before his mom passed away) and has quite a few, not all, but enough.  In 2006, in addition to that year's ornament, Hallmark offered this special edition snow globe.  Couldn't resist!  Has been a pleasure to enjoy it the last 4 years.... not sure if Mr LKP enjoys it more, of if I do.  :)
I love this one because it's the best of BOTH worlds.  It's a snow globe AND a music box!  Mr LKP found it for me at Bath & Body Works several years back, and I can't get enough of it.  It plays "O Christmas Tree"... and the colored tree inside is transparent, like a stained glass window.  So to watch the tree sparkle as it twirls inside is an extra treat!  What a good gift-giver Mr LKP is, eh? 
 Having an experience that's tangible and IN our hands is so necessary.  
Through these experiences, traditions, and memories we remain connected.  

Connected to cherished people.... connected to a more innocent time.... connected to who we've been, and reminded of who we want to be. 

I believe this must be why our family's music boxes & snow globes are some of my favorite things.  Not that the "things" are my priority, ever... 


The connections are most important to me!


Cherie said...

Great things to collect and I totally feel the same way about connections! To me it is what makes Christmas....and family:-D

Connie said...

When I see the glitter floating around in the globe, it's better than watching a fire! Mesmerizing!

Some of my favorite things too!

Garden of Egan said...

I love those snow globes.
You are making Christmas so magical!
Thanks for letting me stop by and get in the spirit of things!

S.I.F. said...

Just for the record - could you be any more beautiful?!? Love you lady!

M-Cat said...

One of Sissy's fav things at my house is the snowglobe. That and the baby Jesus.

Lisa Loo said...

Me too! My #2 daughter used to collect snow globes and I secretly LOVED it and probably overwhelmed her with way too many. :0)
Thanx for sharing all these lovely things...

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