Grateful for Peace of Mind

Tuesday was a doozey for sure.

The olive branch offered in the form of our first egg on the Ranch soothed my heart.  (Though I did not eat the egg for breakfast.  It was still a kind gesture on the part of our hens.)

Then mid-morning, yesterday, there was a light rapping on my door, and standing there was MY DAD!  Turns out he was taking some of his vacation time before it expired, and decided to surprise me with a visit & a whisking away for lunch!

Did I EVER jump at the chance?
You betcha!

It's been years since it was just Dad and I at lunch.  So I snagged my boots and we were out the door, lickety-split.

Now my dad's still unsure of what to do about my diet, so the restaurant choice was up to me.  Turns out that one of his favorite joints is A-OK when it comes to feeding me safely.  I love them (Sterlings, if you're wondering).

What did I enjoy for my meal?

Fresh fruit, a few bites of a side salad, and....their "Arizona" Omelet with no tomatoes! 
(Image courtesy of Google Images)
That's right, I gobbled up two eggs which hid some immense yumminess under their fluffy goodness, in the form of monterey jack cheese, crumbled crispy bacon, and heavenly chunks of avocado!  It.was.scrumptious.

My dad's company was rockin' cool.  We laughed and reminisced and he talked while I listened, a lot.  I really enjoyed to soaking in the experience and the opportunity to hear his childhood/family stories.  Helped me put some more of the pieces of my memories together, and further understand why I am the way I am about a lot of different aspects of my life.  Crazy to realize that no matter how old I get, I'm never done learning from my parents!  I cherish it.

So, I'm feeling better about our chicken situation on the Ranch.  And even more so about just today's outlook.  Funny how an afternoon with my dad lifts my mood.

Peace of Mind has returned
Life is good.  
Matter of fact it's "eggs"-ceptional!


{Mo} said...

I want that omlet, minus the avacados... it looks YUMMERS!

What a gift to be able to spend some time with your dad, I'm happy for your happy day!

Valerie said...

What a cool dad! Glad you had such a great time.

Jenelle said...

Nice! So glad that you got some time with our Pops,he is such a groovy guy - miss you both, miss you ALL, HUGS =-)

Lisa Loo said...

I'm a minus the avocado person too. Wow--the rest just looks sooo yummy! Wow--I'm gone for a little bit and everything around here has changed! I like your new header and the fall colors! So neat you got to spend some surprise time with your Dad---

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