Grateful for Overnight Prints

May sound a bit crazy, but due to some severe pain last night, I did not sleep.
Not a good call when one is sick....
Nor when one wants to be in Seattle by 4pm to see her friend from Alaska...
Not to mention when one wants to also get some time in with her sister who one hasn't seen in 13+ years!

But I made the most of my misery by getting caught up on some overdue blog-reading, and putting our family Christmas card together.  This year I wanted something different...simplified...and thanks to OvernightPrints.com our family's Christmas POSTCARD will be here at the beginning of December, and hardly set me back at all!  No lie.  100 color, double-sided, 4x6, front-coated postcardies cost LESS than had we bought ready-made cards from the store or ordered traditional photocards somewhere else!  As in, less than $20.  Yep, normally we end up buying 75 cards for waaaay more than that!

So, I'm tired and still in pain, but am blissful about having one more item marked off this season's To-Do list.

On a another note, while editing the few faves from our mini-shoot last Sunday, I almost peed my pants laughing.  Why you ask?  Well, we thought it'd be cute to try at least one or two photos with the dogs, since they were out roaming while we were in the trees.  One shot, we were all kneeling or sitting on a blanket.  Right when the shutter flew, Willow ran up and buried her head between Mr LKP's legs!  So, perfect shot of pug-butt front & center, and her nose in a very awkward place, haha!

The other photo we had all three dogs barely in the shot, and us looking at the camera.  Only one dog was a little blurry, and I figured I could make it work, and she being blurry was really no big deal.  It wasn't until after oooooodles of editing time (as in ALL the editing of the selected photos), and right before I was about to submit the dog one for HALF of this years' postcards, I realized that Sir Linus had suddenly thought he'd hang EVERYTHING out for God and everybody right when the shutter fired!

Oh my is. right.

So I went back into all of my closed editing software, booted the programs back up, and airbrushed that heinous thing right out of the photo.  I won't post the original, but the G-rated one's gonna show up in the header soon, and you can just imagine.  Lol!

Have a great weekend.

I'm gonna try and nap for a few hours, gather all my meds, and then attempt the drive to Sea-town!

Here's the header I mentioned above.  This is totally G-rated, but you can imagine how nutty it would've been if I hadn't caught the original before going to print!


Kim said...

Get a good nap, and most of all enjoy your getaway, can't wait for the pics!

gigi said...

Merry Christmas you smart little Elf!

Garden of Egan said...

Sounds like a most entertaining photo shoot to be sure.
You may need to post ALL of the pictures. I love a good laugh.

Hope you get feeling better! I'm so sorry you aren't sick. Sounds like you are going to be one busy girl this weekend.
Does Daisy and Seth get to go?

erickson zone said...

That is hilarious! I can only imagine all of the laughing, rolling on the ground, and side aches.I do like your Christmas photo though. Daisy is such a beautiful young woman now. Thanks for all your comments.

I do like the idea for the proclamation craft. Although I have established blocks already...so maybe I'll come up with something else for that little block... Send me anymore ideas you might have...I know I want to make some muffin tin advents. I don't have a link, but Type it in on etsy or just google and I'm sure you'll get something.

I realized after the windy day that the weather may not cooperate for us. I was just going to try and do something on my own, but if you're still willing...and once you feel better of course :)...I'll have to talk to my HM (handsome man) and see if he's up for it. He hates, absolutely hates, posing for family pictures. He only does it because of me. I think some in the leaves would be awesome. Jason has Wednesdays and Thursdays off. So a wednesday, thursday, or friday afternoon would work for us.

S.I.F. said...

Oh my friend, you are a lunatic! I had no idea you had gotten so little sleep tonight! You looked wonderful!

It was so nice to meet you lady! I really hope we get to do it again sometime!

Nikki said...

Hi my name is Nikki... I love your blog :) Thought I'd better introduce myself again...it's been awhile since I've done some blog reading.

I love your new blog header.... they say never work with kids and animals. Do we get to see the out takes? ;)

I can't believe how cheap you can print your Christmas cards... it costs so much here. Do you need my address, hehehe.

New job is going well, just not used to 10 - 12 hours shifts.


Alissa S said...

It was really great meeting you the other night at SIF's hotel. I am blessed to have found such great women to connect with. I have finally gotten my fertility blog up and running. I would love it if you would follow!


Cherie said...

Love your new picture and hope you are feeling better, sleeping better and having a fun weekend!

Heather said...

I love the new header! I love how you are all laughing! You can tell you had a good time taking the pictures! I am happy you were able to get that done! I am so sorry you are still not feeling good! I hope it passes soon!

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