Stupid Face!

Not you or yours, this is strictly in reference to MY stupid face.  ::grumbling::
Apparently, since I didn't draw the massive acne card in my teens, it's my turn to pull the card in my 30's.  ::grumbling louder::

(Enter my favorite apricot facial scrub of yesteryear, stage left...)

(...Followed by it's companion, my new favorite minty cleanser of all-time, stage right....)


I have gained a much overdue appreciation for the amazing facial powers held in the mild-mannered hot wash cloth!  (Oh man, rough day?  Follow it up with a hot wash cloth, and suddenly I'm at the spa!!!)

Hope your week is blemish-free!


Chels said...

I use a Biore face wash too. It rules. Boo acne.

S.I.F. said...

Oh man friend! I SO feel you on this!! It was even worse when I was on the Lupron! Then I had BACKNE on top of the ACNE.

It was so depressing.

I haven't tried any of this good stuff though... I may have to check that out! ;)

Garden of Egan said...

Try gettin' a pimple at my age!
Have you tried Ajax?

Just sayin'

{Mo} said...

It must be the week for breakouts? I was just lookin in the dreadful mirror at a few on my face, wondering WHY they just couldn't have waited till next week when I didn't have to meet any new fun friends?!?!

Cherie said...

Oh man I am the same. I had a clear, smooth face as a teenager - an anomaly for sure but now I get breakouts and I sometimes pick 'em (TMI) cause you can't have it just sitting there on your face right - Ha Ha.
What is the dealio??

LKP said...

ditto and ditto and ditto and ditto and ditto!!!!!
seriously here, this week of all weeks-CRAPORAMA!!!
TMI here but i literally just had mr LKP rupture this cyst that's been growing on my temple, almost felt like it was making my five-head and left eyebrow droop down over my line of vision. elephantitis as close as i ever hope to experience!

ericksons said...

"Huh." I said to myself as I read this, for I've been having some zit trouble myself lately. Thank you...maybe I'll try the Biore.

Nikki said...

Yeah, what's up with getting zits at our age.... we should be worried about wrinkles not pimples! I haven't tried Biore... I'll have to give it a go.

In response to your comment.... yes, they are lightening bolt dangly earrings. Yana loves them too, our girls have good taste (they take after their mums ;) ). Yana got them for her birthday , but I haven't let her wear them until now because I was worried they would get ripped out.

I should go to bed...it's getting late. Good night xx

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