If You're Looking for Me....

....I'll be here
...via here all weekend.



Kim said...

I am right in that big room with you ;) except I am in family room with stero loud and my blankets and tissues.

Prayers have already started being answered.

Love you

LKP said...

i know what you mean! i love this new conference website, but i hate having to sit at my computer the whole time. i refuse to pay for cable or dish network (shoot we don't even watch FREE tv)....but i do long for conference on my TV. wish there was a way to watch it through my wii!

karen★ said...

i didn't even know you could watch it through the internet! we get free cable so that's how we do it...with the blankets, pillows, & lots & lots of extra treats!

today will be wonderful! ENJOY!

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