Ok, I can't take it...

I might add these as well.
They're both favorites....too. 

But for reals now.
Go enjoy Conference weekend and all the manna you receive as a result!


karen★ said...

hello friend! first of all, that picture of you on the sidebar is awe.some. you look incredible! second of all, that family picture is way too cute. you are completely darling & i think that you should give me some advice on how to be photogenic like you. third of all (is that a thing?) i looooove the nutcracker picture, although the one of her up close is so precious. she IS a good looking kid & i'm not even biased! her eyes are beautiful & her expression is just like she knows something that no one else does. so cute.

FOURTH! that comment the other day left me laughing so hard, & i've been trying NOT TO LAUGH this whole week cuz it hurts. i think though, that you gave me a little bit of healing power cuz i feel so much better today. i am on the mend, & i know that if we lived close we could (WOULD) happily help each other out. you are awesome & i REALLY appreciate your friendship!

p.s. no truck of purple fries has arrived, although i think my seth would freak too. for Christmas let's buy them truckloads of purple french fries just to see what they do!!!

Connie said...

Beautiful pictures of your cute daughter and handsome hubby.

I hope you enjoy conference too! I love this weekend!

Nikki @ mums notebook said...

Hello chickadee, I love, love the close up of Mini me... just beautiful. She so takes after her beautiful mumma :)
The family photo is beautiful too... what a great looking family!
School holidays are nearly over :(
I've been staying away from the computer so I could spend time the kids and enjoying our kiddie free nights when they've been staying at mums. I'm off to catch up on all your posts.
Nikki xx

Kim said...

Been a little MIA so here are my comments for you for the week.

1. Glad Mr. LPK has the best smile in all of the state of Washington and from experience it was well worth the $$$$$ and the tin grin for a couple years. Glad he has the smile to prove it!

2. My favorite holiday is Valentines day. The reason. The traditions we started as a family. We have more of tradition setting for Valentines than for any other holiday.

3. Old movies and what they teach us. Haven't run across any yet, but I love how you have figured that movies lie and it isn't either/or. I think I grew up that way because my parents divorced when I was 4 and it was either/or. I am truly grateful we have a choice and that choice is ours.

4. I love mini-me with the nutcracker! Can I just say AWESOME!!!

5. Your family pic is amazing. So natural and just perfect.

6. I too am just bursting at the seams right now for conference. I can't wait! I am so excited. Went to the temple today had an amazing thought process and am very grateful that I cleanse my life and get rid of the all the dust and dirt through the power of the atonement. Life is good.

7. BTW--love, love, love your new sidebar picture. Have been meaning to tell you that.

8. Can't wait to meet you someday and give you a great big {{{hug}}}!

love you :)

S.I.F. said...

Holy cow!! She seriously IS your mini me!!

Kellee said...

Love your family picture! Hope you're enjoying conference!

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