Odyssey: Idaho 201009

Yes, micro-reports came each day I was gone on this last trip.  Which I liked because, with coming home I didn't feel as overwhelmed by all the details to blast out here, or any guilt for having been away from the blog for a while.

I didn't use my big camera as much this visit as I thought I would have.

Reason?  It's big.  I wanted a carefree vacay.  That's what I got, by documenting a lot with my phone's camera instead.  Was also a plus not to TOTALLY stick out like a tourist.  Can't really explain it, but of all places to look like a tourist?  The 'Burg is not a place I like to take on that role.

Funny looks.  People avoid you.  And really, it was a vacation for me, but I know this place like the back of my hand!  (Somebody, anybody, wanna tell me why we use THAT figure of speech?  It's odd if you think about it.  Do we really stare at the backs of our hands all the time?  Just odd.  ::shudders::)

But like I promised, less words from Rexburg.  So not too many more from here on, except to explain that this is a photo-tour of some of my favorite things in one of my favorite places.

Friday Night:
(The little snippet of Taylor & Darren's reception we actually BARELY made it in time for...was in a hurry, so they're not as awesome as if I'd been there ON TIME!!!...or had my brain with me...They were married in the Rexburg LDS Temple, btw...)

(Upon arrival at the Garden of Egan...)

(Tauna's neighbors' yards with forts & a tree swing in the distance!)
 I need me a clothesline for. sure.
(Tour of the 'Burg on Foot...)

Best Cupcakes in the World!
Best Craft Supply Store in the World!
Used to be a frame shop.  (:

(Upon coming home that night...)
Aren't those the most wicked fangs you've ever seen on a cat?!?  Sweet guy.

Fave memories from our room/stay/getaway.  Loved it!

Baby on the left, Beans on the right.

Our room.  Beds made. Time to say goodbye....but we didn't want to...
So, Mini-Me created a custom Thank You note instead!

Howie's an awesome guy.  He & Tauna are perfect together!
The adventure wouldn't have been complete without this shot!
 (The LONG drive home...)
HAD to pull over for this gorgeous sunset just south of Baker, OR by a little bit.

Home, but battling the typical slumpy-back-from-Idaho-sinuses...So I tossed up Mini-Me's surprise souvenir from the trip that I picked up at Porter's.  She loved it when she saw it after school!

What you can take to the bank from this post is not only does Rexburg still feel like home because of the places & people...but it's a place where I feel extremely close to my Savior.  The picture below is called "To Be With God" (by Simon Dewey).  It's exactly how I felt all weekend...so I picked up a print of this while at Porter's so I could put it in my scriptures....kinda like capturing the memories & feelings in a bottle of sorts for me.

Have a weekend of your own, spent close to the Lord!


Kim said...

What a fun vaca. I am glad you were able to meet Tauna and Howie. And, yes, they are perfect together.

It is always the best when you can experience a closeness with Lord.

Thanks for sharing.

Garden of Egan said...

You took some very bizarre photos my friend.

The writing on the wall?
The execise bike? (unused I might add)
The torn apart theater?

You crack me up.

I really should wear some makeup on my days off....but it's just so painful.

I also should lose me some 30+ pounds.
That's painful too.

I sure miss you and MiniMe! You are both absolutely dolls just in case yer curious.

Glad you are home and your trip was good.

Love the signage on your wall.

I may have to copy.

Love yer guts.

ericksons said...

loved. it. all. Was hoping I could have been there with you.

Valerie said...

How fun! I've never been there so it was great to see it through your eyes. What wonderful hosts you had too!!!

Nikki said...

What beautiful photo's, felt like I was there with you :) I love all the details from the reception... I also think the orange worked well. I love her headband.
I know what you mean about the big camera thing... I wish my small point and shoot took better photo's so I didn't have to lug around the SLR.
Be yourself - everyone else is taken... ohhhh, love it! Might put that saying in the girls room.
Looks like you had a fun time!

Rosie said...

Wow, what a wedding! I loved the colors and decor, she was a cute bride. Glad your trip was a success and you had a fantastic time. My friend had a fantastic time seeing you. You make me want to be better:)

LKP said...

rosie that's why we make such good friends, cause you do the same for me! =)

Cherie said...

Rexburg definately is small, I mean REALLY small, ha ha but it rocks in its own way!! I had to laugh because I read Tauna's comment and was thinking the same thing...Bizarre pic's my friend but I have to admit I love me some Porters and everytime I go there I spend a few hours there at the least!! Such a great store.
So glad you had fun and I think I have the same shot of Tauna with the camera in front of her face (from when I came to her front door!) - Great shot!! Fun trip :-D

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