...And I'm Suddenly Standing at the Beginning With You...

You must know why this blog came to be.  

April 28th, 2005 my family & I relocated to Eastern Idaho so Mr LKP could pursue his degree in construction management with an emphasis in architecture.  This blog was a vehicle meant to keep our family & friends who would be 10+ hours drive away fully up to date on our family's adventures...and to keep my long distance phone bill down...and to keep my hand from cramping writing all those letters...and to keep family from being bored with repeated form letters that would eventually start arriving after my hand gave out...and for an easy alternative to a family newsletter in the Christmas card that year.

(And since the SITS girls are hosting a back to blogging week this week with the first challenge being to re-post your first ever post, this is a great opportunity to revisit my blogging roots. They also gave the option to re-write that post if you wanted to...not sure I want to, but we shall see...) 

So buckle-up, cue the Wayne's World Time Travel Mechanism (the Scooby Doo Ending button should be located at the bottom right corner of your screen), and let's go! 



Man our lives this year, as I'm sure you're all aware, has been full of all sorts of changes and adventures! As overwhelming as they all seemed, we have come to appreciate each one of them, and the added enrichment to our lives each challenge has brought to us. Idaho's not so bad, and really reminds us of home in so many ways. We wanted to share a little bit of our new-found joy we have here.

We had the opportunity to explore the Indian Springs area earlier this year for Keely's company picnic. It was a good time, full of great family games that we ALL got involved in, one way or another. We're so proud of Seth and the runner-up trophy (and token bellyache) he brought home from the pie-eating contest. He put alot of others to shame! Daisy and Keely and some other kids seized the opportunity to fish for minnows with plastic cups. They proved to be very resourceful little fisher-women. Who'da thunk it?!

Of course, this year was full of new changes for Daisy herself. Among the many, there was a new school, and a great new summer program at her new daycare. In addition she turned 8 (can you believe it?!), got baptized, and had the pleasure of accompanying her Cassidy family on a trip to San Diego, California! (lucky...) While there, the family got to go behind the scenes at the San Diego Zoo, they saw Sea World, and many other fantastic must-see places. Daisy was highly impressed by the beach there, and how different it is from both that of Oregon and Washington. She's been bubbling-over about it all ever since. =)

As I mentioned before, our all-time favorite family activity here is exploring our surroundings. We've spent time in the many nearby communities, familiarizing ourselves with the local history, and trying to imagine what life was like for our ancestors who have lived here before us. We've even visited the infamous Sand Dunes of Saint Anthony (and had a great time tumbling down them, face-first).

We've found many fun parks, and enjoy just going out with our camera, and seeing what happens to us for the afternoon. It's a nice, carefree way to spend our time, as well as capture beautiful family pictures. =)

These ones in the leaves are at a park not far from our house, called Porter Park. It's where all the cutesy lovebirds stroll on regular occasion. We figured we didn't want to be left out of that crowd, so we scampered on down there. Though I think we had waaayy more fun in the leaves than any of the young college kids (well, except for some young men who spent the afternoon wailing at pinata after pinata, just the three of them....we'd have done something big like that, but we didn't want people to think we were CRAZY!)

There was probably enough eyebrow-raising due to the three of us racing down the slides, crossing the monkey bars, hooting & hollering, and pretty much "owning" the jungle-gym. Good times, good times...

So, whenever you're in the mood for a good leaf fight, or some old-fashioned frolicking, come pay us a visit. We promise you'll have a great time. =)

These ones we did at a really great island-
type park in Saint Anthony. It's so fun in the summertime, the kids in the houses along the opposite riverbank have slides from their second-story decks down to the river! It's so fun to watch them. And there are the most gorgeous rocks and falls on either side of the park. Such a nice, peaceful place.

This park is Daisy's favorite. They have a play ghost-town/jailhouse that she loves to pretend adventures around, and in and on top of. =)


And with that, I think I WON'T re-write it, except for re-positioning the photos to the left & and correcting a few spelling errors.

It is what it is folks!

Happy Monday.  =D

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Kim said...

What fun! I think I might just have to give it a try. But I think I might have to rewrite or add to it now. Wasn't sure what I was doing, still not sure.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE leaf fights! - Right after our move last year - we went hiking - gasp! I think playing in a park would have been more a frolicking fun kind of day. What happy pictures, too! I agree - I wouldn't have changed a thing about the post!

(I also love your Together forever picture!)

Cherie said...

Very fun to repost your first post! I delete posts after awhile but I have everything in my blog books. My very first post starts out "A blog, a blog, a great big blog..." Thank goodness it got a little better from there - ha ha!!
Very fun pictures. I also love seeing Daisy as a little one :-D

Connie said...

It's interesting how our blogs take on a different personality than when we first started! Love your first post and the fun pictures! Looks like you know how to have fun!

Garden of Egan said...

Oh my goodness !!! That was fun to read! I can't believe how Daisy has grown! NOT FAIR!!

I love the pix you took of the hood! I am not sure I have a single picture of many places here and in a couple of posts you've managed to take pictures of some seriously cute stuff.

That was a fun read! You had a great writing style before and you still do!

S.I.F. said...

Yay! I love back to blogging! And I love seeing a peak into your life from 5 years ago!

Seriously, how cute is Mini-Me too?!? I adore that picture of you and shee in the leaves! Perfect!

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