Nothing Like Rear-View Mirror Blue

So, Mini-Me and I have departed The Garden of Egan.
On the road again!
What a wonderful weekend.
Glorious grub. Fabulous, forever friends. Spiritually edified.

...After a quick $2 stop at Deseret Book, we've got ourselves a great LDS soundtrack for the LONG journey ahead.

...The wide open space through my windshield promises we'll see The Ranch in a matter of hours, and once again be held in Mr. LKP's arms. Can't wait...

But part of me wishes he was here in the JEEP, and we were headed back towards that serene blue sky that Mini-Me and I just came from.

1 comment:

S.I.F. said...

I'm kind of jealous... I haven't felt spiritually edified in a while.

So glad you and mini-me had such an awesome trip though lady!

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