P.S. We're Not in Kansas Anymore

So, there's no need for storm cellars...at least not yet.
According to our dogs, that is.

Where better to wait out an infamous wind storm on the Gusty Ridge Ranch????
Well, the trampoline of course!

(((Why yes, that IS a bug zapper in the background.  It's Mr LKP's new pride & joy: The Stinger ULTRA Insect Killer, complete with black light for 40% more effective insect slaughtering, AND a daylight sensor so it comes on by itself!!!!  We've finally arrived.)))


Garden of Egan said...

That looks like a seriously scarey bug zapper. You must grown 'em big in Warshingtun!
The dogs don't look too scared.
If they head for the cellar you should too.

jen said...

The picture of the bug zapper--eh. But the sagebrush! Now you're making me homesick. Sigh. It's almost fall. Sigh.

Nikki said...

That's a big bug zapper... Big bugs?

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