Color Me Tickled!

I'm tickled cause it's been cousin-time at the ranch today!

My sweet niece has been with us since last night.

There has been ample giggling & girliness to the brim. 
Mr LKP's been feeling very underwhelmed by the amount of estrogen in the house!

Today there's been: the game of Life played, cats snuggled beyond their breaking point, dogs chased, a rooster corralled, and weeds pulled.
Yummy BBQ'd hamburgers were devoured for lunch (thank you, Uncle LKP!), and Otter Pops slurped for dessert.

The girls have been quite consumed in Mini-Me's room this evening as they've been making a movie.  That's right, a rom-com from the Romm household!  (There have even been tons of snarky head shakes full of attitude....complete with snaps in a "Z-formation" as they've penned a complicated script...there's been cameo appearances of famous family pets...mysteries involving the Loch Ness Monster...a hot horse with an Australian accent!  Not to mention outakes & bloopers for the future DVD.)  The laughter & hollering emanating from behind that closed door tells me there's an Oscar-worthy production being born!

I love when there's so much fun going down that my niece calls her mom & begs to stay another night.  She's so cute.  We just don't get together enough.  This is the kind of kid that you suffer withdrawls over if its been a while since the last hug.  So when she's ours, we have to get our fill.  (I'll so miss her when she moves.  More than you can ever know!)

Not only does Mini-Me love spending time with her since she's a cool cousin, but she's like the little sister Mini-Me's never had...idolizing Mini-Me, copying Mini-Me, thinking every thing Mini-Me does, says, & touches turns to gold.  This is a pairing for the ages!

There's just nothing like cousin-time.

I'll let you know how the wrapped movie turns out...and any awards that come this way because of it!  ;)

Perhaps I'll even post it!

Stay tuned....

1 comment:

ericksons said...

how fun! I would like to see the movie.

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