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Ready for some mom of the year-worthy news?

Ever since the yard sale before we bought the ranch, Mini-Me's been sleeping on the floor!  Don't panic though.  She's been sleeping on her mattress, that has been laid on the floor.  (See, I'm not as evil as it first sounded.  I may feed her only bread & water, but c'mon.  I've got standards!)

Ok, so the whole reason? 
She had a nice, big ol' captains bed with the dresser drawers under her bed and a book shelf as a headboard.  It was sweet.  Totally awesome, and only a couple years old.  However, our little mobile home on the prairie may be a double-wide....but it's still tiny.  Just under 1000 sq ft tiny.

Due to the upcoming space constraints, Mini-Me decided she wanted to yard sale her lovely captain's bed & opt for a loft bed.  That way she could maximize her living space, and still live a gloriously cool teenage life.  Sounded like good logic to me.  The bed sold, and she's been on the floor ever since.

Now, I have SCOURED the nickle ads, Craig's List, and every store.  The loft beds in the stores are priced through the roof & are constructed poorly.  I could actually HEAR crickets when I'd put in a search for "loft bed" on Craig's List...and some of the houses offering something even close to what I was looking for were a bit sketchy.  The few that I had found were either Ikea loft beds (which don't fit traditional American twin mattresses) or they were in primary colors of tubed metal, about as high off the ground as my waist.  And that's not far!

So, I have continued my search for over 3 months now, and Mini-Me's remained on the floor.

Alas, the other night, what to my wondering eye should appear?  A sturdy, wooden loft bed on Craig's list...in a good part of town!  I called immediately on it.  Someone was already coming by that night for it.

Shoot!  Too slow on the draw.

However, the kind lady said she'd take my contact info & call whether the bed had gone or not.  So as to not leave me hanging.

An hour & a half AFTER the first couple was supposed to come see it, I got a call.  The couple never showed, and I was welcome to come see it.

Grabbed Mini-Me by the back of the collar I did, and we ran for the rig!  Stopped by the bank & snagged some cash just in case.  Got to the house, and THERE WAS MINI-ME'S NEW BED STANDING IN THE MIDDLE OF THEIR DRIVEWAY!!!!

Not gonna lie, the little girl who was getting rid of it is a bit younger than Mini-Me.  As in Tinkerbell stickers all over the belly of the darned bed, younger.  Pastel purples, pinks, greens, & blues younger.  But it had potential....and after our experience with the ranch's potential, I figure what the hey!  This was an extremely smaller price tag for potential, in comparison.  So, no problem.

Here's a crummy picture I snagged on my phone to shoot over to Mr LKP before I ran out the door:
You can barely make out the GIANT harlequin diamond & 's' painted on the end of the bed.  Couldn't do anything with that, since the letter has nothing to do with any of Mini-Me's initials.  There was also shelves on the other end in more pastel colors.  And Mini-Me couldn't gag down any more pastel girly colors.  Not that I blame her. 

So the remedy was two cans of white spray paint...

And one can of SUNBEAM yellow spray paint...

And BAMMO!!!
Gorgeous, vivid teen bed extraordinaire!!!!!
I'm so loving her little study nook.  It's so nice that everything within her rolling-chair's reach.  (This is massively great, especially with school right around the corner...as she'd been trying to construct a way to turn her closet into a study zone.  My issue with that?  She can barely keep her closet organized for what it was meant...CLOTHING!  Closet chaos = not conducive to studying & homework completion.  Closet chaos = nest of distraction!)

I'm thinking vinyl for the bright yellow end...and toying with the idea of white vinyl...either using that awesome President Uchtdorf quote or this idea from Silhouette:
What do you think?


Nikki said...

You are mum of the year :)
I love mini me's loft bed... you did a wonderful job turning it from a little girls pastel loft bed into funky teenager loft bed. You should link it up to some of the DIY sites... I have some buttons on my blog :)
Hope you're having a fab weekend.

Nikki said...

Is Craig's List like Ebay?

S.I.F. said...

So cute! I love it! What a great find! It reminds me of living in the dorms!

And is it bad that my bed has been on the floor since... forever? I haven't owned an actual bed for my mattress since I was a kid! HA!I have a BIG bed though, so the mattress and the boxspring still sit pretty high.

Garden of Egan said...

Amazing transformation!!! I love what you did.
YAY Mini Me!!! Glad you don't have to sleep on the floor with that mean old mom of yours anymore.

I love the quote!

M-Cat said...

I didn't even know what a loft bed was until this post! And now I love them! I want one in my guest bedroom

Chels said...

Ah! I looove the loft bed! Super cute!

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