I'm Not That Girl

I should really be in bed by now. 

However, since I'm an insane insomniac most of the time...and Mr LKP's at a quad-stake Camporee with our ward's 11 year old scouts, here I be.
(Yeah, that's right!  He & I...I & he.  That's where we are at in our new ward now...it's not a calling, at least not yet, since there's a calling freeze in the stake---until all is sorted out in Stake Conference with the new building & boundaries, etc.---but I digress)

Close your eyes and pretend you were right by my side or peering over my shoulder a little while ago...
(Pssst!  BTW, be sure you ALWAYS include the necessary 'r' in peering when blogging, otherwise you may get some strange looks, giggles, or scary googlers.  Just sayin'.  Yeah almost happened to me. Just now. Back there.)

...So, I see in my Google reader: "Friday Winner" from the Time Out for Women blog.  They reward readers who comment.  Those who comment in the week or the week before or something get tossed in a hat & one winner wins something.  Simple enough. 

But things have been crazy-busy and I haven't opened that winner post much at all this summer. 

So, back to my reader.

I was scrolling through, popping open posts I knew I wanted to read, and irresponsibly skipping my couponing ones for the big "mark all as read" button-click.  (It's summer.  It's hot.  I'm cranky-er.  No coupons for this girl lately.)  So, I hovered over the "Friday Winner" post thinking I'd mark it read as well, but something in my head told me to open it.  Therefore, I did.

How 'bout THEM apples?!? 
(BTW, not gloating.  I just love that movie line.  And I'm a tad giddy.  But only a tad.)

Remember that recent post about little black shoes I shared with ya'll?  Well I commented on the original post I told you about, just because I loved it so much.  No other motive.  And what's funny is I FORGOT that I'd commented on it!  Lol.

Of course I emailed right back.  Since I didn't know what to say in the email (Seriously.  What, like "Hey I won so gimme something"???  Yeah, I don't think so), and the break-down of how all this came about is just too funny to pass up...  Here's what I shared with "mmoore":

"lol, so incredibly funny cause i just don't win.

i'm normally not that girl.
what a lucky day today's turned out to be!
don't know what else to say in this email, except express the irony of winning.

this spring when i added TOFW to my google reader, i would check every so often when the friday winner popped up.  but again i'm not that girl, so it was just fun to see the names. this summer has been hectic to say the least, and i haven't checked on fridays....shoot, i have hardly had time to send ya a comment or two.
can you imagine my surprise when i happened to click just a few minutes ago?!  lol.
i absolutely, no lie, did a double, a triple, and & quadruple-take.  i sat here blinking.
it was probably funny to watch.  

i thought, "you dope, maybe if you'd go to bed at a decent hour your eyes wouldn't play tricks on you like this!"

i even sat here & tried to remember when i last commented. i'm THAT tired.  
it was entertaining to say the least.

so, thanks! 
i love the blog.
loved TOFW in spokane this spring.
it refreshed & refueled me.
loved it so much that my bestie & i are snagging a couple other friends,
and we'll see ya'll back in portland in november! 

have a lovely weekend.  (:"

Normally SO not that girl.
What do you think?  
Press my luck?  
Book a trip to Vegas ASAP?  


Enjoy your weekend, everybody!


Kim said...

WAY TO GO LADY LUCK!!!!! Love the poem! All I can say is: see what being obedient gets you! A win with TOFW!!

BTW--How close to the Portland Oregon area are you? My son is serving his mission there. You are closer to him than I am you Lucky Lady!

Connie said...

WOW! Congratulations! Too bad you don't live where you can play the lottery! I hope you let us know what you win!

Cherie said...

Good job Keely!! It totally is fun to win.
I'm not that girl either but it seems like since I have been blogging I have won alot of stuff. It's crazy - the odds are good in the blogging world - Whoo Hooo!! Keep on commenting on those prize pages :-D

S.I.F. said...

That is the best winner e-mail ever! I love you Keely! You seriously crack me up!!

Camille said...

That is exciting! Winning is such a good feeling! (but so is getting a good night's rest, too) :)
P.S. Thank you so much for your comments on my recently attached orthodontic advice. It's definitely something to get used to, but hearing from a professional's point of view that 1) it's normal to struggle with it... and 2) I'll soon be able to eat and drink again... is a lot more comforting! :)
And trust me, milkshakes will definitely be on the menu once I figure out the whole swallowing concept! :)

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