No, not this guy, as much as I love me some Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Nope, I mean this nasty thing:
I HATE the filthy little buggers!

(Trust me, I'm pulling a Yosemite Sam right about now. 
...Disgusting, vile, no-good, dirty-rotten, disease-spreading, varmint!)

This'll sound gross, but as a teenager, I used to be the one in the family that was on perma flea-duty.  I'd check the cats over 1-2 times daily.  Religiously.
And hopefully between me, my diligence, and whatever flea collar was on sale...fleas'd be gone!

You remember these snuggly guys?
Yeah well, they like to not only sleep near me, they enjoy sleeping ON me....
or they prefer burrowing in my CLEAN laundry or the covers of MY BED!!!

(an UNHAPPY mama!)

Mini-Me was fascinated that I knew so much about fleas, as she watched me completely immobilize poor Tuffy today, using only my legs so my hands were free to rid my favorite feline of the blood-thirsty fiends!  (It's quite possible they're last names might have been something like Cullen!)

So, let's just say....I'm suffering from paranoia itch!

  • Flea collars are now on.  
  • I'm checking & rechecking.  
  • My kitties are being sent outside MOST of the day.  
  • And at night, bedroom doors will be shut from now own.  
  • No more cute burrowing, either!

Note to Self:
Self?  Invest in Frontline.


Garden of Egan said...

I think I'm itching.

Nope, I'm pretty sure I am itching.

(scratch scratch)

Thanks Keeley. You are a stinker.

Cherie said...

Weird phenomenon in Idaho - we don't have fleas. We have a cat and a dog and have never had fleas or used flea products.
I would hate that too - Just makes me want to scratch thinking about it!

Chels said...


Nikki said...

You make such a gross topic funny :D
We use frontline on our dog it works well... mainly for the paralysis ticks, so Lulu's never had fleas.

You've made me itching!

ericksons said...

I'm glad you have everything under control. Where do you find your pictures? I love them! Jason wondered at the first one when he came home and I was reading your post. He thought maybe he needed a tat or two. :)

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