Wouldn't You Know It?

 (Photo by Sage n' Sun Images...thanks guys, absolutely breathtaking and home!)

How 'bout we complicate things, shall we?  
...Well, that's not exactly what Mr LKP said, but he might as well have.

It's windy where we live.  Extremely.  As in, Mr LKP thinks he should have a wind turbine installed on our 7 acres.  It's THAT windy.  In town that would've totally ticked me off.  But being out here, with the wind...well, just us & the wind, I'm kinda loving it!  Strange to say.  (This from the girl who HATED snow.  But after 3 years of Eastern Idaho snow, and well, now I'm in Washington missing that dreaded snow!  Crazy....but I digress.)  

I'm wondering if this "being OK" with the wind here is because it reminds me of growing up out on our little farm as a kid.  Could it be?  I mean the difference between then & now is pretty much that now we're kinda in this lower trough (the house sits on this little ridge, within the trough), and as a kid our place was on TOP of a hill/ridge.  I guess what I'm saying is that the snow didn't stop us in Idaho, the wind didn't stop us on our little hill.  
And it won't stop us here.

In honor of not us against the wind, but more like a celebration of us WITH the wind, Mr LKP suggested "Gusty Ridge Ranch" this morning.  WHAT?!  We're ONE day away from the poll closing....not to mention TEN days AFTER we started the 1st poll!  Now we have this suggestion?!  And seriously, DANG IT ALL TO BITS, it sounds really good!  

What do I do now?  We could be naming our place for years at this rate.  I'm wondering if I should scrap the current poll, re-situate with its top ones & the new suggestion from Mr LKP.  (Did I mention that this is like his FIRST contribution to the naming game here?  So that seems like another reason I shouldn't discount his idea.  I mean he's gotta live here too, right?)

Oh bother.  

Perhaps the name's already been taken.  Let's see, we'll mosey on over to Google & check it out....don't mind me....just moseying...talk amongst yourselves, I'll give you a topic.....lol....How d'ya like that?!  Not taken.
They've got: Elk Ridge Ranch, Storm Ridge Ranch, Angel Ridge Ranch, Saddle Ridge Ranch, Cedar Ridge Ranch, Hurricane Ridge Ranch, Shake Ridge Ranch...No Gusty Ridge Ranch here at all.  Huh.

Well, I'll put it to you.  What do you think?
(Don't mind me if I toss the name in the poll, or if you see a new poll to the left of this post!  Just want this to be right.)

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