Happiness Is...

---following my dreams
---snuggling with my family
---warm fuzzy slippers
---friends who love me & are the best examples for me
---a big, unrestrained smile...on ANYBODY
---buttery light that streams in everywhere in my new home
---in my husband's arms

Currently PW is running a photo assignment on "happiness."  I tried to resist, however I could not.  Therefore I submitted the following entry:
It's my bestie, Wendy, in 2007.  
I snagged this shot while her official photographer was sorting out the dress situation.  Gotta say, I'm so glad I had my camera out, since this is my all-time-favorite photo of my photography life!  It not only reeks of happiness, but relief, peace, patience, & determination. 

Wendy has been my best friend since we were 8 years old.  She is the coolest red-headed friend a girl can have!  She's beautiful, talented, and a fantastic stylist.  Add to that her love of family, children, & her husband...and you guessed it, she's the real deal through & through.  She's been through a lot in life.  On this day, not only was it a day to celebrate her & Gary's eternal covenants with the Lord, but a day to celebrate the closing of old chapters...well, actually, more like starting a whole new book!  Tons of stuff has transpired since I had the privilege of taking this picture.  But Wendy & Gary have taken life in stride and now have the cutest 2 year old son to show for it all, not to mention, they are expecting their second child at the end of the summer! 

If you've got a friend like my Wendy, then give them a hug.  Cause it's people like them that keep us sane, keep us grounded, and love us the way Heavenly Father wants: unconditionally!

So, to pay tribute to all of the happiness I've had in my life (thanks to Wendy), and all the ways she's inspired me.....I declare it "National Hug YOUR Wendy Day!"

And In honor of National Hug YOUR Wendy Day, please finish the following sentence as it applies to you:
"Happiness is..."

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