What a Tantrum!

This is one of the most amazing sunsets I've beheld in quite a long time.  We were treated to this incredible view from our new property! Too bad the rest of the area was caught in the distant downpour of hail & raindrops the size of, per Dani, "golf balls!"
For some reason, I adore those dramatic epsisodes Mother Nature has, where she's TOTALLY bipolar.
Maybe because I grew to love those same kinda storms near the Tetons the 3 years we lived in Idaho.  ::shrugs::
They're just yummy! 


Nicki said...

You grew up in Teton valley? I was born in Driggs. Kylie in Victor. Lived for six in Newdale. Where abouts did you grow up?

Cherie said...

That is SOOOO Pretty!!!!

Cherie said...

OK my word verification on that last comment was "facke"..WHAT the Hayburn????
Is the word verification calling me a liar? Seriously!! What I said was not fake it was true Gomer Pyle. ARgghhhhh

(yes I am a little insane tonight in case you were wondering thank you very much!)

Cherie said...

Oh and can the word verification spell? I think not.

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