Got Your Vintage Dancing Shoes and Corsages Ready?!

Cause the Vintage Prom is Saturday...aka:  
Hope you're ready, cause we're totally stoked! 
Getting the majority of decorating done tonight, and the finishing touches will be in place tomorrow afternoon.  I'm currently finishing up the catalog of music we'll have on hand.  It's not as expansive as I'd have liked.
But hey, it's only a 3 hour dance, right?  =)

So, get ready Freddy!  
And if you've been on the fence about whether to attend the dance or not, keep in mind it'll be a blast and you don't want to miss it.  Vintage attire is an awesome idea (1940's-60's...the older the better!), but if you only have your Sunday best then that's alright too...just keep it modest, folks!
What matters most is that you join the party!  
Let's put it in vintage terms, so you better understand:

(Here's some inspiration for ya!)


Garden of Egan said...

Hey ROTY! When you get moved to the ranch are ya gonna be in the same ward? If not.....it's gonna be too bad for them.

It sounds like a blast!!!!

You are so fun, your brain and the stuff in it is so fun and creative.
Looking forward to some hawt dance pictures. I wanna see what a vintage RoTY looks like.

LKP said...

lol!!! you are awesome, NOTY! i'll definitely post pictures. we'll see about if i'm actually in them, though! =) as for the wards, no. we won't be in the same ward, but we'll be in the sister ward that meets in the same building. they're actually the other ward invited to the shindig tomorrow night! =) it's also the ward Mr LKP & i grew up in. so, bittersweet ya know?

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