Time Out For Women 2010-Spokane

I love this sister's remarks about their adoption process, "...when another one of our trial dates had been unexpectedly and indefinitely postponed, I read something that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr said, "We must accept finite disappointment, but never give up infinite hope."
This weekend was edifying.  So much so, that I've been left speechless.  Many tremendously great speakers, phenomenal musical artists, and fantastic re-connections with great women from not only around here & now, but even those from throughout different seasons of my life.  The presenters not only spoke of & taught amazing things about the priniciple of hope, but they shared tender moments & trials from their lives which we can all relate to.  I was surprised to hear of the many struggles with infertility.  I was in tears most of the time.  What a relief to know I'm not alone in this infertility mess.  It's hard to be in this boat, cause it feels very lonely, especially seeing all these perfect little spirits coming to earth everywhere I look.  Mormons have lots of kids, right?  Apparently not this mormon typing this right now.  It's also lonely each time someone says, "well don't you WANT any more children?" or "what's taking you so long" or "too good for more kids, huh?" or "what did you do wrong that He won't give you any more?".....as if those worries haven't already crossed our minds, it's worse to hear the questions echoed over & over again in life.  So, Heavenly Father knew I needed to be aware of these triumphant, successful, women of my faith who have walked or are walking along the same path I am.  It was refreshing, cause failure is a constant feeling in my life due to not being able to have more children.  I love Mini-Me.  I wouldn't trade her for the world, and I'm not saying she's not enough.  Mr LKP & I would just like to have a larger family.  Both of us picture more to our clan.  Our picture isn't materializing though, and after 8 years of not stopping it, we're a bit cried out at this point.  I love my Heavenly Father.  I know he has a particular plan for me & it's all on His timing.  Hearing the same thing from Sister Kapp was extremely helpful.  Hearing Sister Kallon's harrowing life-story was sobering & made me grateful for the air I breathe, and she reminded me of my 6 favorite words found in one of my most favorite scripture stories: "...for such a time as this..." -Esther 4:14.  It's all His timing.  I have to remember that.  Also, Alma 7:11-12 helps me continue to keep hanging in there, no matter what, "...and he will take upon him their infirmities, that his bowels may be filled with mercy, according to the flesh, that he may know according to the flesh how to succor his people according to their infirmities."

Back to the weekend, though.  I was so glad to be there with Dani.  She is the greatest, and she loved every moment almost more than I did (and I was enamored with the entire event again this time).  She was game for whatever, whether that was camping outside the main doors two days in a row (super early) or going right up to these amazing presenters with picture requests & or just visiting....yeah pretty sure we visited with the lovely ladies of Mercy River about 5 times.  They probably grew tired of us, but they. were. mind. blowing.  No matter what the weekend called for, Dani was my go-to-girl.  Was a blast.  She makes me feel young again!
OK, so rather than have me endlessly go on & on, which I've already started doing here & have done in my journal---frankly, it's left me exhausted---I'll leave you with a slide show of our weekend, and tell you to GO TO TIME OUT FOR WOMEN IN A CITY NEAR YOU ASAP!  Pictures don't capture the intensity of the Spirit that presided all weekend.  While driving home, Dani said it best, that it felt like leaving Girls Camp.  What a spiritually charged time, and leaving it all felt like a let down.  We didn't want to go.  We wanted it to just keep on going & allow us to continue spiritually feasting!  Therefore, don't walk, RUN TO IT!  Camp out as first in line like we did (even that part was fun).  People may look at you weird, but who cares?!  Being first in line gets you some amazing seats (about as close as you could get without being a presenter or their personal guest)!  So, enjoy.  And then go here & reserve YOUR tickets!  =)


Garden of Egan said...

It looks like you were well fed! My hubby's Mission President was Richard and Linda Eyre. He totally loves them.

I didn't know about your fertility issues. It made me cry. I heart you!

You are about the cutest thing ever and uh, did you take pictures of everything? Seriously? You are such a groopie!

Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm about TOFW. I'm going to look for a place near me.

Cherie said...

So So glad you had such a wonderful time! I really enjoyed the texts! You make me laugh :D
Boise was one of the "pilot" places when TOFW first came into being many years ago. I have been many many times as it is here every Sept. or Oct. . It is always a wonderful time with friends being edified by great people and, of course, since I am the picture Guru I have pics with everyone!!! Part of the fun!!
So this makes me wonder...Have you never been to Womens Conference? Cause, if not, you are coming with me next year!! It is TOFW on steroids !! Srsly - Ill be talking to you about that in Oct.!!!!

October!!!!! Gonna be so fun!!!!

Anywho...I also didn't know about your infertility but I suspected because you are just too sweet and wonderful and mini-me just too cute and a great kid for you not to want more:) I'm so sorry this is a struggle in your life.
Sigh...I always wonder why so many have that particular struggle? But I am glad you felt some good connections with the speakers at TOFW - you are definately not alone!!

Ok this is turning into a novel - bottom line - Glad you got to go with a good friend and have such a fantabulous time!! It's wonderful when "the cup" is full!!!!

LKP said...

ok, yes yes yes! i want to learn more about women's conference. when does it usually happen? was that what happened this last week or is that education week? i get all that mumbo-jumbo mixed up on a regular basis. yep, can't wait for october! =)
the infertility is roller coaster for sure. i have good days where i'm ok with waiting & other days when i'm completely frustrated and mad cause i'm "doing everything right" this time: i'm married, we're settled, i'm active in the church, i keep my body healthy...ya know, really its bogglesome when i hear about all the child abuse going on or drug addicts & prostitutes having unhealthy babies. makes me wonder why. now, i didn't hear any of the women this weekend mention that last little bit, so i may be alone in THAT thinking. but yeah, definitely not how i'd have picked it. but then again, it's for a reason. i just don't know or understand His reasons yet. i have to remind myself that His ways are not my ways. but whatever His will, be done.
thanks for bearing with my ridiculous texting friday night! sorry some came late. =D

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