3 More Drops in the Bucket

May sound silly, since she gets gajillions of entries everytime she has a new photo assignment on her site.  But I went ahead and have entered 3 more times on Pioneer Woman's current assignment: Landscapes.
Here the three are (you can click on them for larger views)....
And here's an extra to boot.  Found it while going through some old shoots.  I snagged the shot for my pleasure alone, had nothing to do with my client's shoot.
It just brought me joy...
 My pal, Dani, and  I are off for our Time Out in Spokane!  Uber excited to be spiritually fed by some great speakers & their testimonies of the Gospel.  Also stoked since its been 3 years since my last TOFW, and THIS time we're doing something different....drumroll, please...we're putting together Hope Kits for a women's shelter in Spokane.  I can't wait to lift where I stand and hopefully help lift a sister in need.  Add all that together, give it a good stir, pour it into a 13x9" pan, bake @ 350 for 20 minutes and that's a very lovely weekend....BUT, don't stop there, my friends!  Let's add the most yummy icing of all to that cake: Dani & I get to stay with my stupendous friend, Heidi!!!!!  Oh my goodness the anticipation is killing me!

So ya'll have a great weekend, yourselves.  And I'll see ya when we get back.


Kelsey said...

Incredible! Have you been featured yet? That bridge one is awesome!

Cherie said...

Hope you have fun Chickie!!

ericksons said...

Keely dear, you're very talented. Have fun at Time Out.

Garden of Egan said...

Have so much fun at Time Out! I expect a full photographic update constantly!
Beautiful pictures. I love the winding river one the best

Lisa Loo said...

I love the bridge one best also. But they are all great and kudos to you for participating! Hope you have a great time at TOFW. I almost came to that one in Spokane! Only a few hours from me.

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