MORE GREEN PLEASE! **updated**

So, Mandi over at Organizing Your Way posed a great QofD today:
"What is your favorite part of spring?"
It's something I was pondering already on my own, but I guess I just needed the extra prodding of someone else's question to get it out.  I shared there, but loved the thoughts so much I wanted to share my insight with ya'll.  So here it is.  It's so true.

green is my favorite part.
it's the earth returning to life.
i adore this.
this particular smattering of fresh, lively green
is hope.
i need hope everywhere i can find it."

What else is awesome is PW's current photo assignment of green!  Weeks ago, she ran a few assignments, then followed those up by asking her readers to suggest ideas for the next assignment.  I'm happy to say my vote was one of the multitude begging for it to be green!  And boy, I haven't looked back on that suggestion once since the entries have flooded in on the assignment forum.  Not once!  They are breathtaking.  They warm my soul to the brim!  Check 'em out if you need a little green-boost/hope-boost in your world!

Montgomery Moose on the Loose

Dani & Aaron

morning clarity
These are my current entries.  They are some of my favorites that I've shot.  Perhaps because of all the beautiful green/hope they exude.  Perhaps they are some of my favorite memories.  ::shrugs::
That all being said, happy HOPE to everyone, wherever you are & wherever you go!


Garden of Egan said...

Your pictures are beautiful!!! I love the moose one. Such brilliant green.
Wow, you are a PW pick??? You are famous!
Can I have your autograph?

Valerie said...

Those are both so gorgeous. You are very talented!

And happy belated anniversary.

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