Circle the Wagons

...cause this was ALL sorts of fun!
A couple nights before our Boise trip, my photog buddies & I got together at another friend of mine's barn/silo.  It was a theme night and I bet you can guess what our theme was
....even without anymore hints.......  Give up?!
So, not everyone came prepared or they didn't even own any western get-up.  Put it was all very chill as we, who brought what little we did, shared the wealth and we all still had a fun time!  So here's some of what I did with them.  Ya game?
This reminds me of my childhood, working out in the old barn before dawn when I'd visit my step-grandpa.  Heart it, major!
This one is mine as well, I just haven't watermarked it yet.  Doesn't John remind you of Cookie on the wagon train in this shot?  Ya know, "com'n get it!"  No?  Just Me, then?  Oh, alright....
The mysterious, dark cowboy is the Supreme Viceroy, himself.  Kinda like an "insert your favorite cowboy here" type of picture.  That or I should almost add some ipod earbuds to this.  Hee hee!
More Darin for ya.  We were working on the two shadows, and low & behold a third shadow decided to join the party.  Kinda diggin' the 3rd shadow!
Josh was ALL countrified that night.  I'd say he was the most authentic due to the Carhart jacket.  Yeah, I'd say Darin was rockin' the pearl snap buttons, but he didn't have MY Carhart belt buckle action going on.  So, Josh wins.  Me & Darin, tied for 2nd place!  =)

So here's what John did.  Turned out so rad!
This is his original.  He said I could tinker with it if I wanted, so here was my RECESS for the day!
 These two feel kindy dreamy, old west cowhand to me.  Makes me want to watch classic movies of the Duke, or good ol' Bonanza reruns!
 The one above makes me want to watch old reruns of Chips.  Pretty sure it's because of the colorwash it's rockin'.
I'm thinking the last one is my fave of the tinkered's.
John's original is the best though!
Others shot that night too, including Josh & Darin, but I only have permission to play with this one.  The others are posted on facebook, so if you want to see them and are my FB buddy, then go take a gander!

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Heidi D said...

Those are kewl. :) Maybe you can take my family picture? I haven't had one since Lindsay was 4 or 5. I hate the one my mother in law has. Maybe you could successfully make me look decent.

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