8 Years TODAY As Mrs LKP

Can you believe it's been that long already?
Going on 9 doesn't seem real.
Plus, can you believe how different we were back then?!
I'm the luckiest woman on earth.
The last 8 years...
What a guy?!
What a marriage?!
What a family?!


Cherie said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!

You two make a gorgeous couple and I can tell you are so in love and so happy - despite that very first wedding proposal - ha ha - still laughing!!!

Celebrate Big!!

Cherie said...

P.S. There is a movie star that you totally look like in that picture and I cannot put my finger on the name right now. It is going to drive me crazy. I'll be back when I think of it!

Garden of Egan said...

Happy Anniversary!
You are both so darn cute!
Hope you had a great day.

LKP said...

it WAS great. he had a long haul to vancouver/portland and back. didn't get into town until sometime after 8pm.
a little past that there was a knock on the door and there he was with a bouquet of gerber daisies (pale peachy ones!!!!) and a card and he whisked me off to a late dinner. we closed the restaurant down actually. totally sweet considering the day he'd had in that miserable old beater of a truck, and that he had to be to work for an early meeting today. he's the sweetest! =)

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