We're Out of the Woods

Pinkeye gone?  Check.
Antibiotics finished?  Check-check.
Life resumed:
....50%?  Check.
....75%?  Check.
....95%?  Check.
....100%?  Not quite check, but working on it.

Did return to volleyball last night, after a week out.  Was so nice.  Felt so good.  We played hard & long.  Plus the girls figured out how to pipe in some music from their ipod & volleyball had never felt so marvelous.  We danced & laughed ourselves all over the court.  Good times.  Best times.

What else have we been doing to keep sane?  Well after the 9 days of me & thumb blisters from Super Mario Bros Wii (non-stop), let's just say I'd become a creature of the night.  Well kind of.  My days & nights were definitely jacked.  Sleeping whenever I could.  Trying to steer myself out of boredom during the hours I couldn't sleep.  PJ's were my fashion mainstay, along with beanies.  Seriously why not?  Who wants to worry about hair when you're sick?!
Bula, North Face, Adidas, I wore them all.  (Ha!  Maybe we didn't get as much snow as I'd have liked, but I definitely got my money's worth outta those hats this season, lol.)  Taking all this into account, it figures that Mr LKP decided to give a mandate that I had to receive at least 15 minutes of sunshine a day.  (Smart guy, considering I don't handle SAD symptoms well on my own.  Add a dash of cabin fever, and a dollop of sickness to the mix & we've got an instant batch of depression brewing.)  
So, forgive him, Sunday afternoon came and he decided to have Christmas in February by setting up Daisy's trampoline.  Served multiple purposes well:  getting me out of the house (though not far from home if I still felt like garbage) and in the sunshine, and Mini-Me out to get healthier.  Funny, getting on there even for the 5 minutes I did Sunday made me realize how much I'd missed a trampoline.  Ever since I was 6 we'd had a trampoline at my mom's.  My brother & I were on it constantly.  We camped out on it in the summer.  We didn't always have a pool (an old above ground that lasted one summer & that was it in the summer-chlorine department), so it was us and a sprinkler and our trampoline.  No wonder I was never depressed back then.  No wonder I was so flexible back then.  No wonder I was soooooo flipping skinny back then!
The other thing that's been awesome about it is that the daughter's been on it at least 30 minutes each day since we've had it up.  Sounds like an uberly late but more than perfect Christmas present to me!  

What else has been going on?  Well it's been the week of "group projects" in a ton of Mini-Me's classes.  So between being sick this weekend & the Wii & sleep, she and I squeezed in some time to work on her portion of the projects.  First she and a gal had to design & MAKE an improved bag/backpack for science.  (Yeah that's what I was thinking, totally a home ec project.  Where are the blinkin' frogs' guts & microscopes & baking soda volcanoes?!)
So Daisy & I took their spec plan and turned it into something: a reversible/dual sided drawstring backpack complete with discrete mp3 pockets & headphones camouflage.  Met all the requirements necessary: roomy, collapsible, sturdy.  Her drawstring straps are from military-grade 550 cord, same used on military parachutes (Mr LKP's contribution).  She was mighty proud of the end result.

Then she & another group had to make a boardgame about choices.  Think Chutes & Ladders?  I did, but they wanted something different, so what-evs.  The group decided on creating their game around SpongeBob Squarepants (sooooo not my idea of cool, but again what-evs).  For her portion, Mini-Me decided to make the game pieces.  Those turned out cute as she raided my Sculpey collection.  A Little ingenuity, an oven @ 275 F for 15 minutes, a little clear nail polish & VOILA!  SpongeBob, Patrick, Mr. Crab, & Squidward.
Not too shabby, indeed. 
So there's the activity update from the LKP house.  
The greatest update?  That there actually IS activity now.
Hope this week's extra fun & extra busy like ours!  =)


Garden of Egan said...

Love the bags. They are so amazing. Uhm, the spongebob stuff??? No so much. Are ya crazy?
Oh, ya, you've been sick.
Hubby definitely has the right idea of you getting outside to get some Vit D.

Verification word:
germer!!!!!!!!!!!! I kid not!!!
That is so you!!!!

Heidi D said...

The girls were just asking about putting the trampoline together. They haven't had it in like two years. Bad parents, I know I know.

I LOVE those little figures. Those are soooo cool! She did an awesome job on those. I think my favorite is either Patrick or Squidward. I'm thinking key chain...

And another thing, Super Mario for the Wii...{lights, angels singing, confetti flying} LOVE IT!!! My brother got it for me for Christmas and I play it all the time. One thing that helps an ADD mind is video games. You can focus and relax your mind at the same time. I've beat that game multiple times over and I still can't get enough. How far are you? That wasn't meant to come off as competitive, I swear. ;)

Amy J. said...

Those game pieces turned out so good!!! They look amazing. ---OK this is just wierd...after reading the comments I couldn't believe the first person's word verification but guess what mine is Spongbob cooking Friends...ovene!!!!!

I love the bags! You are so amazing. Sorry you have been under the weather.

LKP said...

your guys' verification words have rocked! lol.
as for the bags, they're actually one in the same. one bag, just different on each side. this kid of mine's got some awesome ideas, i tell ya. perhaps she'll follow in the footsteps of Mr LKP's cousin and design bags for a living someday....but then again she kinda wants to work for Disney, and she's majorly into stop motion films. she got hooked at christmas. i'm trying to find some good software for slapping it all together for her. hopefully soon we'll debut a DJC original right here!!!

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