....Simply Dreadful...

So, update of all updates.  Woke up around 10am Thursday morning with the most awful pain in my eyes.  Stumbled into the bathroom to discover my fears were correct: pinkeye!
Are you blinkin' kidding me?!  That's what consumed my mind at that moment.
I've only had it one other time & that was about 4 years ago.  Not that anybody loves having pinkeye, but was makes it worse is feeling like a complete leper.  As if my body wasn't already full-up (with no vacancy) of viruses this week!
So, that being completely out of my control to treat/self-medicate, a venture to the urgent care was unavoidable since I'm currently between primary physicians.  Long story short, hate my doctor of record & adore my daughter's practitioner-just haven't gotten in to establish with him yet.  Since I'm not a big fan of Kadlec any longer (another reason I can't stand my doctor), I was relieved when my daughter's Doc referred me to Physician's Immediate.  Shocker of all shockers, let me just say, it was a dream!  That statement alone is amazing coming from someone who is paranoid about urgent care clinics as much if not more so deathly afraid of all-you-can-eat buffets.  Both are noisey epicenters of chaos, noise, & disease.  When we arrived, there was NO ONE else in the waiting room.  No joke.  Throw in a smoothie & I'd have thought it was a luxury spa.  It was so peaceful & serene.  The gal at the desk was pleasant & even a joy as she made us smile and giggle (Mr LKP was by my side as my chauffeur, due to a bad misread on my part of the codeine bottle....thanks to the distorted vision brought on by my infection, I read 2 teaspoons as 2 Tablespoons).  She said it'd be a 30-45 minute wait.  It wasn't maybe 15 or 20.  The nurse was kind.  Teased my husband about tossing him on the scale for a check of HIS weight (hee hee).  She took my vitals & some notes, took a swab off my tonsils-HOLY CRUMBS!!!
The Doc was in within 10-15 minutes.  Sure enough, checked every hole in my head & said he was sending a couple prescriptions to my pharmacy of choice.  When he heard which one I use he paused, no kidding, and said "Did you know they are the most expensive in the area?  I will send it to them, but I just wanted you to know they charge people more who have insurance."  Ok, yeah, you did just read that right.  A doctor was just concerned about saving me money.  We have insurance, military insurance to be exact, but he was still looking out for me.  SOOOO cool!  I adore my daughter's doc AND the urgent care doc he sent me to.  Even the hubby was blown away.
Now, we still had my prescription sent to the same place for consistency in my medical history (etc) as they've been the same company I've used for over 5 years now.  I assured the doctor though that they'd be too afraid to overcharge the Army.  He laughed and said he agreed, they'd HAVE to honor the contract prices or else face some severe consequences.  I thought "yeah, grenades & ticked off soldiers on their doorstep." But I exaggerate, though I was thoroughly entertained & laughing inside all the while at the mental image that the codeine so easily painted for me.

So, end of the deal, I've been antibiotic-ed up for the past couple days.  Also been on my back resting up so I can get back to life again.  Hopefully it starts tonight with the adult session of our Stake Conference.  Keep your fingers crossed for me.  =)
More to come soon, I hope.


Cherie said...


You are so happy all the time cause you keep yourself liquored up on too much codiene - ha ha ha and YOu did NOT even share!!! LOL

Seriously - I did not know you had been so sick. Love the picture of the pink eye - ha ha. What a crack up - but only the picture, it would not be fun to have pink eye - well unless you could forget you had it by taking lots of codiene. (wink)!

I absolutely love and agree with your description of buffets and doc in the boxes being one and the same: Noisy, germy, loud, gross. Glad you found a good one to go to.

I think I dread going to a dr.s office sometimes, more than the actual disease or cold or flu that has to be dealt with.

Well rest up chicky and get better - there is life to be lived out there!! Feel better soon!!!

The Garden of Egan said...

Well, I hope you get feelin' better and back to your former disease-free self.

Ya, know, docs and nurses are for the most part OK people.

I wish more people had your attitude about disease curcus cause I swear there are a bunch-o-peoples who LOVE getting health care. I think they are mostly frequent flyers hoping to score narcs.

I went to an urgent care clinic AFTER I got off work in the ER. I too have to admit I hate going to doctors. I went late on a Friday night (my hubby takes me on the most awesomest dates ever!) We were the only ones there too.
In and out in a heartbeat. Well after a shot, xrays and other stuff. I went cause my favorite doc works there.

Enjoy your narcotic "journey" get better and wash the keyboard so no one else gets your "funk".

Love ya!

ericksons said...

Sorry you're not feeling so hot.

Love the fact that you found such a cool doctor and had such a good experience. Please share info. I just might have to make a switch.

Heidi D said...

Oh man, that super sucks!

I'm so glad that you were able to have a nice experience at the doctors though. Why are you leaving your old one. Did you misdiagnose you for all of your food allergies?...just hoping for your sake.

I know once, Abbey was misdiagnosed with being allergic to peanuts. Soooo not true.

I need to find a good doctor. I haven't been to one in about 4 years. I'm afraid of what he might say...

Kellee said...

I had pink-eye when I was a senior in high school. For some stupid reason, I did not realize I had pink-eye until I'd passed it on to my friend and who knows who else I passed it to at work and school. I feel for you, nothing like waking up to having your eyes glued shut!

Hey thanks for the website. I'm checking it out. I love a good deal.

Heidi D said...

We totally need to do FHE again. As for Jeff getting some love from you guys, who knows. He gets worked like a dog there. I only get to talk to him like every other day some weeks. I'm hoping that when we move down he'll get things under control. Maybe if you set a certain date he'll be able to just leave.

Thank you for wanting to help him not feel so home sick. :)

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