i heart FHE.

So, the daughter taught our FHE lesson tonight.
She taught about Financial Discipline from the Eternal Marriage student manual Mr LKP used while attending BYU-I.  Felt like we were being schooled by someone light years ahead of us.  When they say out of the mouths of babes, they mean it!  She even taught about today's youth being over-indulged by their parents.  In great wisdom, she looked at us and told us she better understood why we shouldn't do that & that she better understood why she often hears "no."
Good times, great lesson.
I've been working through the book, "Live Your Life for Half the Price" and its cool.  So, since I was in charge of the activity, I grabed my most favorite old canning jar I inherited from Mr LKP's late-mother.  In my book it shares the experience of the Humphrey family's experience of collecting change off the streets of NYC which resulted in over $1000 saved over a span of 3 years.  The story helps illustrate the wisdom of the phrase "A penny saved is a penny earned."  Makes sense.  Therefore I figured we'd give the experiment a try of our own.  So, into the canning jar went my first day's collection: a whopping 11 cents.  The jar contents will probably be a lucky penny found while on a walk, while doing our family's laundry, or even the extra change which sometimes weighs down my purse or a pocket.  (Rather than it all winding up loose in a random drawer.)  Now, together as a family we're going to keep track of what we collect & save.  Hopefully it will prove to be very beneficial whether for a family adventure or emergency.  Maybe it will even go in the direction of the Christmas Jars tradition, who knows?  We shall see.  =)

Sandwich those two FHE highlights with a couple great songs "Choose the Right" and "Choose the Right Way" and we had mega FHE success!

So, P.S.---if you haven't checked out the Humphrey Family's blog "The NYC Changepot" you absolutely should.  I'm going to follow their lead and document our findings on the sidebar of our blog.  It'll be interesting to see what this year holds.  What's more, since we recently had a minor family emergency that cleaned out our stashes in dresser drawers & my magnetic tin on the side of our fridge (did not have milk, went out and "got milk" & a few other desperately needed staples), our TRUE starting total in the jar is today's 11 cents, nothing more.  Onward & upward from there!


The Garden of Egan said...

What a fabulous child you have raised! Sounds like FHE is a great time at the dingdong house!

Love the idea. I've been saving change and clean it out every several months. In my 1/2 gallon jar I get about 150.00. Kinda fun.

Your hubs went to BYUI? It's sorta cold here right now. Bet he doesn't miss that part.

Cherie said...

Your daughter sounds awesome! What a fabulous lesson she gave and her attitude is so grown up!!

We have a "Christmas Jar" - It really does fill up fast. It is amazing how much money is..."Around" or wasted.

I will have to check out the website.

Have a great day!!

ericksons said...

That is so cool that she gave such a great lesson. FHE is wonderful. What a great way for our kids to learn and grow that they wouldn't have otherwise. I love collecting change from wherever too. I'm excited to see where you find your change.

Amy J. said...

Now that is one smart Teen you have there! :) We have an ongoing jar but we seem to dip into it from time to time to go get icecream.

Can't wait to see how you guys do!

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