Collecting Treasures

Not always is a treasure map necessary.
Sometimes Heavenly Father decides to toss you a freebie, or two, or three.
Today was a windfall.

1) Found a dollar in the wash.  Into the jar it went.

2) Had an amazing night at volleyball.  Worked my body harder than it's worked in a while.  Felt sooo awesome.

3) Figured out how to turn this:

into this...

...and this...

 AND I figured out how to do this!

Like I said, windfall.      

Just a lil' P.S.: Mini-Me & Mr LKP have decided to become snow bums...or atleast start snow bum training.  They're all about finding some AMAZING deals on snowboarding equipment.  Sheesh!  Give him a little time on a snow hill with the Teachers Quorum & my snowboard expert brother, and suddenly he's addicted!  He may be sorer than all get-out, but he's hooked.  Lol.  (I even have a fresh dent in my wall to PROVE his enthusiasm.)  Ah well, atleast HER gear will fit me & I can pick up some knowledge along the way.  Kinda like a souvenir.


The Garden of Egan said...

Well, you are getting lots of windfalls! Love the green elastics in the braces!
Snowboarding......????....man I'm gettin' old.
Love what you did with the photos.

Cherie said...

It is so fun to find treasures!!

I think if you look everyday you can find them whereever you are...blessings!!!

It's fun to play with pictures - I could (and do sometimes - ha ha) waste a lot of time playing with pictures but it is so dang fun!!!

I hear you on the snowboarding thing. I have a few of those in my house. We are split about 50/50 between snowboarding and skiing.

Cute cute picture of mini-me :D

Amy J. said...

You won't catch me back on the slopes anytime too soon. All three of my guys had a blast too. JOhn said your brother did an amazing job getting them all started. I love finding treasures and "playing" with those newly found photo treasures! I am loving the "grungy" mask you used. Addicting oh so addicting.

Heidi D said...

Sounds good! :)

I think I'm coming next week. I'll have to check which day.

My verification word is huggod. No joke. :)

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