...Like Another Hole in My Head.

You got it.
Do I really need another something to add to my "To Do" list?  Really?.
Fret no more ladies, I really do need this new goal.

This year I plan to spend working on my HALO.
(no, not my angelic attributes-though i should probably do that too...shoot!  and definitely not the video game, either.  puhleeze.  my skills stop with super mario brothers.)

Here's my HALO...surviving (and i don't use that word lightly) with my diet restrictions is not an easy task.  When it comes dinnertime, I'm glad to have given my family's meal some thought.  By the time I need to tackle an additional idea for me I'm either wiped-out, ready to hurl if I even SEE another slice of turkey lunch meat, or completely lacking inspiration.  So I'll either eat miserably, skip the meal, or grab a string cheese.  (no joke)

So, I'm compiling the few recipes I've found & tinkered with so far, as well as collecting new ones.  That way I'll have a go-to-guide when I'm found in my most desperate moments...and hopefully it'll all taste DELICIOUS!

So if you come across some phenomenal recipes you think I could use & make a success, by all means, pass 'em along.  (wonder what allergies i'm working with?  check out this post.)  Your recipes don't have to be fix-it-immediately when you send it.  I'll work with it myself, so don't stress if it's not perfect.  Really any help is appreciated.

Have I mentioned that you are all dolls?  No?  Well you are.  Thanks in advance for your support.


Heidi D said...

Give me a complete list of what your looking for and I'll come up with some stuff. jhdecoursey@comcast.net

Oh, I got the new super mario brothers for the wii. It. Is. AWESOME! We must play it.

Cherie said...

HOly Crub Keely I had absolutely NO idea that you were suffering from such severe allergies. That really sucks (now I feel bad that all I have to give up is Coke!).
I read the other post and man I do not even know what you can eat - which is obviously the point of this post.
I am super proud of you that you have decided to take the bull by the horns and get this HALO going!!
I am going to have to find out more about this.

In the meantime - I just luv ya!!

The Garden of Egan said...

Mmmm...sounds like a lot of work. Good luck with all of it. I wish there was something I could do to help.

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