on the bench

so i did something bad last night at volleyball...really bad.  with all the gusto i had, i attempted a monster serve...and boy was it monstrous!  monstrously painful...monstrous failure to go anywhere...and a monster pain in my right shoulder.  either aggravated an existing bone spur, have an impingement, or tore something in my rotator cuff.  the pain from the serve has straight taken me out of regular volleyball play for a spell.  no lifting of 5 lbs or more with the right arm until i follow-up with the ortho doc after an mri.  stinks big time...am stuck typing this left handed while i wait for the full affect of my cortizone shot to take.  so sad.  i will miss volleyball...


Amy J. said...

Not cool! And I heard that those shots hurt like heck too! So bummed for you.

Heidi 'n' Jeff said...

Aww that SUCKS!!! I hope you are going to the doctor to find out what it is my dear. I hope you will soon be on the mend. :)

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