Conference Talk Club Details for October are Posted!

You won't want to miss this night, which will perfectly kick off the season of many celebrations!  As life becomes busier & more stressful, why not fortify your spirit at Conference & Cocoa?!  October's gonna be so much fun, with new faces to get to know & a FANTASTIC talk to help us where we need it in the worst ways.  Click here for details, and plan on joining your sisters for an edifying & yummy night filled with coziness of all kinds!


Heidi 'n' Jeff said...

I can't wait for this Saturday! Women's General Conference meeting is the best. :) Our stake does a nice dinner with the conference to follow. Good times.

LKP said...

Same here, they have a light dinner planned I think. Should be awesome! Not sure when I'll be at ours, but I'll be listening right along with ya! Miss you tons & tons!

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