...SO grateful...

The moment you teeter off the edge of the "Heavenly Father, do you love me?" thought, and actually think it, He immediately answers with "yes, my child" through others!
Had the greatest day today, where I felt spiritually fed beyond a church classroom. I'm just in complete awe!
Let's work backwards through my favorite events of the day (ala Letterman "Top 10" style)...
...#3 Way I know God loves me: As we were just having dinner prayer, Daisy thanks Heavenly Father for the blessing of our blog and our computer that both alert us to our friends, family, & acquaintances who've come into severe illness, and they're improvements. (I love most her sweet, strong voice as she asks for their speedy recovery---she asks with the solid faith equal to that of apostles & prophets it seems!)
...#2 Way I know God loves me: He sends me giggle-worthy gems...snippets of life to relish in, like the wit of Mr LKP & Miss Daisy as they were in the kitchen (him cooking, her loading the dishwasher)...Daddy was instructing her in placement of the items in the silverware basket, and he said "...that would be PREFERRED..." without a thought or hesitation, Daisy sang "Preferred Savings Card!" Just adorable to hear them enjoying each other's company.
...and the #1 Way I know God loves me: He allows me to be the fly-on-the-wall to great moments (which are miracles nonetheless). Today our ward gathered bright & early at our bishop's house in order to give back. We helped remove weeds, rocks, & place some top soil. Fun part: he didn't know we were coming! Favorite part: it was phenomenal to see SO MANY of the ward members (of all ages) working side by side, towards the same goal of taking care of the family who is ALWAYS taking care of us! So much was accomplished in such a short amount of time. Smiles & laughter were plentiful, and the food was simple but yummy.
It's been a great day, one I am most grateful for!


Heidi 'n' Jeff said...

Such a sweet post. :)

I'm really glad you entered my box of awesome post, because I'm thoroughly loving getting to know you dear.

Thanks for your kind words about Tracy. They identified the other problem that she has, and it's not good. It's some kind of adult resperatory desease. More often than not, people don't survive. She really hasn't shown a bunch of improvement, just little victories each day. I guess the people in the emergency are in really hot water over this though. The fact that they didn't do the right tests to identify the correct illness, they LOST test results, and they sent home a seriously ill person armed only with antibiotics that would do nothing for her.

Not to mention Tracy's stupid husband. Another story. It's just a mess. I'll tell you about him later.

Heidi 'n' Jeff said...

That is just so lovely. It really makes my heart warm to know that you and your sweet Daisy are praying for her. :) I think Heavenly Father really pays attention to the tender prayers of children. They are the most pure and sincere. So tell her a special thank you from me. Oh, and it's Logan DeCoursey's aunt too. Just in case she wanted to know.

I also have to say that I am just really happy that I have the gospel in my life. I can't imagine going through something like this and not knowing about the plan of salvation. How desperately sad it would be to not know for sure that she is going to be OK if she doesn't make it. She might not. The condition that she has now been diagnosed with has a 60-85% mortality rate. It's called Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome. I am not afraid for her. I know that whatever happens for her will be OK. I will cry and be sad for her absence on this Earth, but feel confident and joy knowing that I will see her again.

Thanks again for the prayers and thoughts. She is in Kadlec in Richland. She actually lives in Pasco. In one of the new AHO developments. Her last name now is Mendoza.

<3 <3 <3

Cherie said...

I can tell you are in a great spiritual zone right now, which is totally wonderful. I just read this post and the one at the top. It is good to remember how much we are loved by our Heavenly Father, and to get confirmation.
When we see a Temple it is another confirmation.
Thanks for filling my cup a bit today :D

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