Grateful for a Weird Day

...NOT complaining at all. Have decided I'm going to change what I can about my life and that is the perspective from which I view it. Therefore, even though I long to be home with my family, and today seemed weirder than most-it was a GOOD DAY, for these four reasons...1) got a longer lunch than usual which allowed me to be with my family for lunch today and just soak in the familiness, 2) I got to toodle around on the piano for about 10 minutes of my lunch (keep in mind it was the Hymns for Dummies/hand-challenged book which any 10 year old could completely skool me on), 3) I saw the twinkle of a smile in a humble man's eyes when we did some quick service tonight, and 4) it's 2 minutes to volleyball!
I'm loving me the simple things right now!
It's all in how you look at it, right?! Have a great night & hug your family every chance you get, as some of us aren't as lucky as others to be with them most of the time!

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